how big do dutch rabbits get
Dutch rabbits weigh 3.5 to 5.5 pounds. The ideal weight for show rabbits is 4.5 pounds. Dutch rabbits from some pet lines might fall outside the typical weight range, but a bunny who falls very wide of it might have an underlying health problem...
Where do rabbits come from? A guide to wild rabbits
"Where do rabbits come from" is your complete guide to the origins of our modern day pet bunnies. Pet rabbits are domesticated European rabbits that arrived in America with early settlers several hundred years ago. They were a valuable and portable source of food for hungry travelers. In this article we...
can rabbits eat green beans
Bunnies are famous herbivores, but can rabbits eat green beans with their veggies? Rabbits can eat one green bean or two as an occasional snack. But, they are not suitable as a significant source of nutrition for bunnies.
long haired bunny
There are many types of long haired bunny. Each one has their own unique temperament, which means there is a long haired bunny for every kind of pet parent. Some long haired rabbits are also slightly less high maintenance than the...
can you keep a wild rabbit as a pet
Can you keep a wild rabbit as a pet, or is taking bunnies from the wild unwise? In this article, we explore all the pros and cons of keeping wild bunnies as pets. Can You Keep A Wild Rabbit As A Pet?
harlequin rabbit
The Harlequin rabbit is famous for the checkered pattern on its coat. They weigh 6.5 to 10 pounds, and they are popular pets for their temperament as well as their striking looks. However, they are unusual. So you may have to...
bunny standing up
A bunny standing up on its hind legs is pretty cute! But what does this behavior mean? Some rabbits, particularly in the wild, will stand up to get a better view of their surroundings and safety. But, domestic bunnies might stand up in order to get a...
bunny flop
This article unravels the mysteries of the bunny flop - including why they do it, what it means about you, and what you should do about it. What is a bunny flop?Why do bunnies flop?Why do bunnies flop on their side?How to...
dewlap rabbit
Would you describe your bunny as a dewlap rabbit? This article is all about rabbit neck fat - which rabbits have it, why they get it, and how to make sure it doesn’t interfere with their health. Just some of the questions we’ll answer include:
why do rabbits bite
In this detailed guide to why rabbits bite, we take a look at the reasons why bunnies appear to attack their hutch, your home, each other, and even you. And we’ll aim to answer the question “why is my rabbit biting me all of a sudden?”