Jersey Wooly Rabbit

jersey wooly rabbit

In this complete guide to the Jersey Wooly Rabbit we take a closer look at appearance, temperament, and care needs for this popular bunny.

The Jersey Wooly Rabbit is one of America’s favorite rabbit breeds, thanks to its soft coat and winning personality. These bunnies are friendly and relatively small, weighing no more than 3.5 lbs as adults. Despite their easy going temperament, these bunnies still need a high level of care, including the right environment, diet, and mental stimulation.

About the Jersey Wooly Rabbit

The Jersey Wooly rabbit breed was officially recognized as a breed in 1988. This bunny was first developed and bred by a woman named Bonnie Seeley. Seeley hoped to create a small breed with a wooly coat and a friendly, easy going temperament. And, her aims were fulfilled! In fact, nowadays, the Jersey Wooly bunny is one of the most popular rabbit breeds, and is often a recommended choice for novice owners.

However, there is still a lot that bunny owners need to learn about the Jersey Wooly before bringing one home, to ensure it receives the best possible care. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at this wooly rabbit!

Jersey Wooly Rabbit Personality

The Jersey Wooly rabbit temperament is one of its major selling points. These bunnies are known for being friendly, affectionate and gentle pets. They are popular with individuals and families alike. With regular handling from a young age, a Jersey Wooly will often enjoy being held and stroked. So, they are a good candidate for homes with children, as long as everyone is taught the best ways to care for and interact with the bunny.

Temperament and personality will vary even among rabbits of the same breed. So, some Jersey Wooly rabbits will be friendlier than others. Some might be wary of being held, even when they are handled from a young age. But, holding your bunny lots from the time the come home, and pairing your presence with tasty treats will go a long way when raising a friendly rabbit!

How Big Do Jersey Wooly Rabbits Get?

The Jersey Wooly is a relatively small rabbit breed. They will usually grow to weigh around 3 lbs, and breed standards provide a maximum weight allowance of 3.5 lbs. Some will fall outside of this bracket, weighing as little as 1lb. They will have small bodies and a blunt, square head.

Though these rabbits are small, they still need plenty of space. Rabbits are very social pets and are usually happiest when kept in pairs. So, the hutch or indoor space you provide must have plenty of space for both rabbits to sleep, eat, exercise, socialize and play.

jersey wooly rabbit

Jersey Wooly Rabbit Fur

This bunny breed is well known for its fur type, as much as its friendly temperament. When creating the breed, fur was an important trait to Seeley. Jersey Wooly bunnies have thick, wooly and soft fur. Though they will groom themselves, like all rabbit breeds, they will also need regular grooming from you. This will usually only be necessary once or twice a week, so these bunnies are still lower maintenance than some wooly breeds.

Jersey Wooly fur comes in a wide range of colors, though some breeders may specialize in the most popular shades only!

How Long Do Jersey Wooly Rabbits Live?

Domestic rabbits live much longer average lifespans than their wild counterparts. You can expect a healthy Jersey Wooly bunny to live somewhere between 7 and 10 years. But, the exact lifespan will of course vary from one bunny to another. There are a few common health issues that can impact these bunnies. So, keep an eye out for symptoms and attend regular veterinary check ups to extend that lifespan! Here are some common health problems owners should be aware of:

  • Dental issues, including ulcers and overgrown teeth
  • Skin problems and parasites
  • Nutritional imbalances

Rabbits will often try to hide any health issues or injuries, so spend plenty of time gently checking them each week for issues whilst you’re handling them.

Caring for a Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Good care can help you avoid many health problems that are common in bunnies. So, make sure your Jersey Wooly has the right habitat, a well balanced diet, and plenty of handling. You can avoid stress-based reactions and fur problems by handling and grooming your bunny regularly. Handle them from a young age so they will become familiar and comfortable with your touch. You can feed them tasty treats whilst holding them to help them enjoy this process!

On the topic of feeding, bunnies need a well balanced, high fiber diet. They will need constant access to fresh hay or grass, to help grind down their ever-growing teeth. Some owners choose to provide pellets, which will contain everything your bunny needs to stay healthy. You can also supplement their diet with plenty of fresh greens and veggies – but make sure they eat their pellets first, so they don’t develop any nutritional deficiencies from filling up on veggies!

Housing and Environment

Jersey Wooly rabbits, like all bunnies, will be happiest when they have plenty of space, including a bedding area and places to hide. You should also provide them with toys and interactive elements to keep away boredom and stimulate their brains. If you have a house rabbit, space is less of an issue. But, bunnies kept in a hutch must have enough room to complete normal activities. This includes exercising, eating, playing, and more. They must have space to jump, hop, run and twist!

Jersey Wooly bunnies are also very social, like all other rabbit breeds. So, it’s usually best to keep them in pairs. And, of course, this will increase the amount of space needed in their enclosure. Some owners will choose to make their own rabbit hutches, which can be a great way to get creative and give your bunnies lots of space! Just make sure to use only rabbit-friendly materials.

Finding Jersey Wooly Rabbits for Sale

Jersey Wooly kittens are popular because they grow into such friendly and gentle adults. This can both help and hinder your search! It makes it more likely to find Jersey Wooly rabbit breeders. But, those breeders may also have long waiting lists.

On your search, make sure you’re choosing a reputable breeder who prioritises the health of their rabbits and kittens. They will probably ask you plenty of questions to ensure their bunnies are going to a good home. But, you should ask plenty of questions in return!

Jersey Wooly Rabbit – A Summary

Jersey Woolies are popular bunnies that can make great pets in the right home. If you’re thinking of bringing a pair of these rabbits home, you must make sure you have plenty of space. You’ll need to handle your rabbits regularly, and give them an excellent level of daily care.

Do you already have Jersey Wooly rabbits at home? Or are you preparing to welcome some into your family soon? Let us know in the comments!

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