Quiet Pet Birds – The Least Noisy Feathery Friends

quiet pet birds

Welcome to our guide to quiet pet birds.

Today we will look at quiet birds and silent pet birds that will keep you company without making too much noise!

Birds can make great pets. Many varieties are sociable, friendly and relatively low maintenance.

However, many varieties of birds are quite noisy. This can of course cause significant issues for pet owners – sometimes disrupting sleep, annoying neighbors and driving your other pets wild!

Fortunately, there are some species of winged companions that make very little noise.

This guide will cover some quiet pet birds that you might consider for your home.

Why Do Birds Make Noise?

In the wild, birds make noise for several reasons.

The first, and most common reason, is to communicate with other birds.

Birds make calls and sing songs to warn other birds of threats from predators, to communicate with their young, and to talk to each other in other ways that we don’t fully understand.

The other main reason that birds make noise is to attract mates. Some of the most beautiful bird calls are actually mating calls, where one bird (usually the male) tries to catch the eye (and ear) of a potential mate.

That explains why birds make noise in the wild – but why do pet birds make noise indoors?

Domesticated pet birds still have the instinct to make calls. Just as dogs still walk in a circle before lying down, some natural habits stick around.

So, whether wild or domesticated, many birds just tend to make a lot of noise. Owners who are concerned about noise levels should choose from breeds known to be quiet pet birds.

There Are No Silent Birds

If you’re looking for silent pet birds, you might be disappointed to learn that there really are none that are truly silent.

Birds are social creatures, and they love to communicate vocally. This is true of all bird varieties that can be kept as pets.

If you will be annoyed by quiet noises from your pets, birds are not the right choice for you.

Also, before you get a bird, consider the other members of your household, as well as your neighbors if you live in an apartment complex.

It’s best to do extensive research into any breed you are considering. The guide below is meant as an introduction to birds that are relatively quiet.

But you should still do your own research before bringing home any new pet!

Quiet Pet Birds That Make Good Companions

If you’re looking for quiet birds, there are some good options. Some of the most popular are described below.


Parakeets, also known as budgies, are relatively quiet pet birds that are a popular choice. They are small, fairly low maintenance and relatively quiet, due to their small size.

As a member of the Parrot family, parakeets can be taught to speak and repeat noises they hear.

The main difference is that their physical size prevents them from making loud noises.

Budgies do make noises frequently, but the volume is quite low.

They typically make good pets because of their friendly temperament.

Finches and Canaries

quiet pet birds

Both finches and canaries are popular choices for quiet pet birds. These beautiful small birds make for great pets for bird lovers.

Their tiny bodies allow for only very tiny voices.

While they like to make small beeps throughout the day, the volume is quite low and easy to ignore.

The small size of these breeds also means that they don’t need as much space as other birds.

However, keep in mind that they are fairly fragile little creatures, so they may not be the best choice for households with children.


Parrotlets are a smaller, quiet Parrot species that can make for good pets.

They are bold, assertive, and beautiful.

Parrotlets are true Parrots, so they can be taught to speak and repeat noises they hear.

However, their smaller size means they are a lot quieter than your average Parrot.

Parrotlets closely resemble their full-sized relatives in the Parrot family. Besides their size and volume, they are quite similar to other Parrot breeds.

If you’re looking for quiet Parrots, Parrotlets are among your best options.


Cockatiels are larger than most birds on this list.

They also have a larger vocal capacity, so they can be a bit more noisy than others listed here.

With that said, Cockatiels are still considered to be one of the most quiet Parrot species.

They can be trained to talk and enjoy chatting, but they tend to be not as vocal as other Parrot breeds.

Cockatiels are highly social, intelligent animals that can make great pets for the right household.

They are one of the most popular pet birds, and for good reason!

Senegal Parrots

Another class of quiet Parrots are Senegal parrots.

These beautiful birds typically grow to about 10 inches in length, falling into the mid-sized category of pet birds.

Like most Parrots, Senegals do like to talk and can be taught to repeat noises and even whole phrases.

However, they don’t have the same loud calling instinct that other birds have, so they are less likely to screech and scream.

Senegal Parrots are known for bonding very closely with their owners, usually choosing a single person to become closest with.

This can make them great lifelong companions – especially considering a healthy Senegal can live 30-50 years!

Final Thoughts

These are some of the recommended varieties for those looking for quieter pet birds.

Again, prospective owners of any new pet should always do their own research before committing to pet ownership.

This is particularly true with birds, which can be more work and commitment than might be assumed.

Take your time in the selection process, and get a pet that fits your lifestyle.

The time spent searching will be well worth the effort!

How Quiet is Your Pet Bird?

Have you got one of the species we’ve included here?

Can you recommend another?

Or perhaps you’ve got a traditionally loud bird who goes against type!

Make some noise about your quiet birds in the comments box down below.

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