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Welcome To Our Complete Guide To The Best Syrian Hamster Cages. Helping You To Pick The Good From Bad, With Reviews Of The Top Choices.

So, what are the best large or extra large Syrian hamster cages? And what about those for long haired Syrian hamsters, are their requirements different?

In this article we’ll discuss the types of cages that work best for Syrian hamsters. Along with what you’ll need in order to set one up in your home.

In a hurry? Here are our top five picks:

Lixit Savic Hamster Heaven
Pico XL Hamster Cage
Kaytee Multi-Level Habitat
Ferplast Hamster Cage
Twin Towner Habitat

We’ll give you full reviews of these below, along with plenty more choices too!

Choosing A Syrian Hamster Cage

Proper ventilation, ease of use and ability to clean your new cage easily are all important factors to consider when buying hamster cages for Syrian hamsters.

Wire cages are probably the easiest to clean, and the less complicated the cage the better. Because you’ll be able to reach inside easier to wipe it down without tubes and toys getting in the way.

There are also plastic cages, and those usually have a lot of tubes and compartments.

The style of your new Syrian hamster cage all depends on your own preferences.

We’ll review a couple of the best hamster cages for Syrian hamsters, to help you make the right choice for your tiny friend.

Syrian Hamster Cage Size

So what’s the best cage for a Syrian hamster?

Good hamster cages for Syrian hamsters should all be large enough in size that your hamster can run around comfortably and have plenty of play room inside their new home.

In addition to this a hamster playpen for them to explore is a good idea to help them properly stretch their legs.

Syrian hamster facts for kids

Cheap Syrian hamster cages are available, but just make sure the design is sturdy enough for your pet to play in without being able to break free. And most importantly, that they have enough space to stretch their legs too.

Large Syrian Hamster Cages

The bigger the better when it comes to your hamster’s cage. Because it will provide adequate space and ventilation.

Hamsters will be happier with a roomier cage and more space to run around in.

Here are some large hamster cages for Syrian hamster pals to enjoy!

Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage for Small Pets

Ware Manufacturing’s Chew Proof High Rise Cage is a large cage that provides ample space for Syrian hamsters.

It’s made of chew proof wire and includes mesh ramps that are safe for your pet’s feet.

And it has 3 floors, which is great for hamsters because they need a lot of space to run and play in.

You will also need to get a 10 gallon tank to attach as the base, which you can fill with bedding for your hamster to dig in!

Kaytee Critter Trail 2-Level Habitat</h2 >

The Kaytee Critter Trail 2-Level Habitat is another best cage for large Syrian hamster pets and it includes all you need for your little one to have fun.

Featuring an extreme wheel, front access door, a look-out tower and petting zone for maximum fun.

It’s also compatible with all CritterTrail accessories, so you can add as needed.

Ferplast Hamster Cage in White

The Ferplast Hamster Cage in White has everything your hamster needs, in a cute white design.

Large play areas and exercise give your hamster all it needs to stay healthy and fit, while having fun.

It’s fully customized with a cozy nest and easy open design so you can clean when needed.

Twin Towner Habitat Hamster Cage Long Crossing Tube

The Twin Towner Habitit is a tall, towered hamster cage.

It’s great for Syrians as it has plenty of space, and even includes hideouts, ladders, a water bottle, food bowl, hide house and an exercise wheel.

Not to mention a long tunnel too!

Extra Large Syrian Hamster Cage

If you desire a cage that has tubes and compartments, make sure the cage is large enough to accommodate both your hamster and its play area.

These extra large Syrian Hamster cages will give your tiny fur ball a good amount of space to roam around.

The Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

The Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is an extra-large cage that is plastic and comes with accessories inside.

Note that because there are plenty of play areas for the hamster such as tubes, the cage is bigger so that your hamster isn’t feeling too cramped inside.
This hamster cage comes with platforms, slides, an exercise wheel, a toilet, food bowls and drinking bottle. The cage is 31 ½ x 20 x 20 inches, which is ideal.

Pico XL Silver & Green

The Pico XL Hamster House is a fun choice for Syrian hamsters.

It boasts four platforms as well as snug little hideout bedroom.

With ladders, a food bowl, water bottle and integrated exercise wheel, this Syrian hamster cage really is ready to go.

The Ferplast Black Hamster Cage

Ferplast’s Black Hamster Cage is another sufficient extra-large cage for your hamster. This is one of the better big Syrian hamster cages that you can buy for your money.

This design features a double-floor structure so that your hamster can hang out either on the upper or lower floor by use of a ladder.

Made of wire mesh and plastic, this cage is safe and easy to clean. There’s a small door on top of the cage for easy cleaning.

It also features a nest so your hamster can sleep, a feeding bowl and exercise wheel so your hamster can enjoy being active.

The Kaytee First Home Habitat

The Kaytee First Home Habitat has some cool features. It boasts a deep base that prevents bedding and litter from spilling out, and has multiple levels for your hamster to run around in.

This cage is made from wire on the outside to prevent your hamster getting out, and solid plastic inside to make cleaning up a snap.

The wire cage locks right into the base so you can be assured your pet won’t make a run for it. Even better, the latches are all made from chew-proof wire.

Long haired Syrian hamster cages

Is your hamster particularly hairy? Long haired Syrian hamster cages can be the same as those you would use for any other hamster. However, yuou can also pick one that is harder for him to get tangled in, and likely to reduce his opportunities for matting.
Here are some of our top choices!

Kaytee My First Home Habitat Multi-Level for Exotics

The Kaytee My First Home Habitat Multi-Level for Exotics features a deep base for your long haired Syrian hamster to play in.

Without getting fluff, bedding or litter spills outside the cage.

With multiple levels and a solid plastic design, it’s a great choice for your pet.

WARE Chew Proof Four Story Hamster Cage

The WARE Chew Proof Four Story Hamster Cage has an all-metal design that’s chew proof so your little pal won’t be able to get out.

This cage has four floors of fun, and has a well ventilated design so your hamster will be able to breathe.

There are two separate access hatches, and the base lifts from the top when you want to clean him out.

And there aren’t any integrated toys or tunnels that your hamster’s hair could potential get caught up on.

Best Syrian Hamster Cages

The Best Syrian hamster cages are listed right here. The best hamster cages for Syrian hamsters all feature a good combination of price, size and ease of use. They also feature a durable construction so that your pet stays safe inside and can’t escape.

There are a huge number of choices out there when it comes to Syrian hamster cages.

The one that you choose will depend upon your personal preferences, but it pays to have a rough idea in your mind.

If you stick to a few criteria when buying your cage, like size, ease of use and design, your hamster will have the best chance to live a comfortable and happy life with you.

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