Albino Corn Snake

albino corn snake

An albino corn snake isn’t just white – it has red and white scales and red eyes. But, some may also have orange and yellow scales too. This morph has no black pigment on any part of their body. On average, they tend to grow between 35 and 48 inches long, although some can reach closer to 80 inches. With proper care, these snakes can live well over 20 years old. Let’s give you the information you need to decide if the albino corn snake is right for your home.


Fun Facts About Albino Corn Snakes

  • Albino corn snakes can live well over 20 years old in captivity.
  • Albino corn snakes aren’t just white – they can also have red, orange, and yellow scales.
  • This type of albinism is called amelanistic, meaning they lack black pigment.
  • Albino corn snakes are just one of many corn snake morphs.
  • Males are often larger than females.
  • An albino corn snake’s diet will be the same as any other morph.

What Do Albino Corn Snakes Look Like?

When we think of the term “albino”, most of us think of an animal that is entirely white with red eyes. So, an albino corn snake’s appearance is a surprise to most! Because they have a lot of color on their scales. Albino corn snakes are amelanistic. This means that they have no black pigment (melanin) in their bodies. However, they still have other pigments. So, an albino corn snake is usually white and red, although it may also have orange and yellow scales. The exact amount and pattern of their scales and color will vary.

Aside from their coloring, this morph will look similar to any other corn snake. They grow between 30 and 48 inches long from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. However, some can grow closer to an astonishing 80 inches long. Males tend to be longer and larger than females.

albino corn snake

Are Albino Corn Snakes Friendly?

Albino corn snakes are generally known to be friendly, gentle, and curious little snakes. However, their albinism won’t affect this personality! They’ll be like any other corn snake. Although personality will still vary slightly from one albino corn snake to the next. One may be brave, social, and curious, but another may be more aloof and uncertain around you. Be gentle with your corn snake and try to handle them from early on to encourage a friendly bond. Move at a slow pace, and give your pet plenty of space if they ever seem frightened.

Albino Corn Snake Health

Generally, corn snakes are quite healthy pets. If cared for properly, they can live well over 20 years old. But, it’s important to be aware of some of their most common health issues, so you can ensure they get the right help and treatment when they need it.

Ensure they are kept at the right temperature. Incorrect ambient temperatures can lead to dysecdysis (abnormal shedding), dermatosis and respiratory problems. Infections, and skin abrasions can also come with inadequate housing. Parasites are another potential issue, so ensure that you clean your corn snake’s habitat regularly.

If your albino corn snake is ever acting abnormally, such as not eating or struggling to move around their enclosure as they normally would, you should take them to your veterinarian for help.

Albino Corn Snake Care and Husbandry

Caring for an albino corn snake is similar to any morph’s husbandry needs. A single adult will suit a 20 gallon aquarium, but the more space you can offer your snake the better. This can be filled with a snake-safe substrate, such as newspaper, hide boxes, a broad bowl of fresh water for soaking, rocks, branches, or sturdy plants. The ideal temperature range for corn snakes is between 72 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (22 – 32 degrees Celsius).

Like other morphs, the albino snakes are carnivores. Their natural diet is made up of small mammals, eggs, other small reptiles, and even birds.

Finding an Albino Corn Snake for Sale

If you’ve decided you’re ready to care for this snake, it’s important to choose a reputable breeder. On average, a baby albino corn snake will cost around $40, but in some places this price can be almost double. Make sure you do plenty of research before committing to this pet. Although an albino corn snake can make a good pet for a first time owner, many people underestimate just how high their care needs are. So, be prepared before purchasing a baby corn snake.

Do you love the coloring of this reptile? If you’re familiar with the care needs or a regular corn snake, this morph could be a great next pet for you. But, remember that an albino corn snake can live over 20 years, so be prepared to care for it for a long time! This reptile isn’t a small commitment. Do you have this interesting morph at home?

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