boy goat names
Looking for the best boy goat names? Look no further! If you have a new goat that needs the perfect name, or even a pair of goats, we have plenty of ideas and inspiration for you to browse through. Whether you want something funny, something cute, or...
female goat names
We all have different ideas about the best female goat names. But whatever your tastes, we’re confident that we’ve got suggestions that will appeal to you in this giant compendium of nanny goat names! We’ve got categories including: The best female...
raccoon names
Raccoon names aren’t something that everyone will have to think of in their lives. Whether you’re trying to name a new stuffed toy, a character you’ve created, or a real life pet raccoon, you’ll want a name that matches their mischievous and lovable personality! And something that’s...
bull names
Do you need bull names for a plush toy, a character, or even a real life bull? There are lots of places you can look for inspiration, and we’re rounded up all our favourite categories of cool bull names in this article.
skinks as pets
Keeping skinks as pets can be a fun and rewarding pastime. There are several varieties of pet skink, each with their own temperament and care needs. So choosing the right type is key to getting the most enjoyment out of them.
weasel pet
A weasel pet is uncommon compared to the similar domestic ferret. Weasels are small mammals, with long, slender bodies and inquisitive personalities. In the wild, weasels can be found in a number of habitats, including woodlands, wetlands, grassland, and more.
giraffe names
Thinking of the best giraffe names isn’t a problem most people will have in their lifetime! But, whether you’re adopting a baby giraffe, naming a cute giraffe toy, or even searching for famous giraffe names, you're in the right place.
elephant names
Check out these adorable elephant names! We've got hundreds of ideas for names inspired by the awesome elephant, giving you a fun way to name your pet. We've found names inspired by elephants' color, their natural locations and even famous elephants. Most of...
llama names
Whether you're looking for Llama names to suit real life pets or even llamas in video games and stories, we've got some great ideas. Llamas aren’t a traditional pet for most people. But, if you are keeping them as livestock, you’ll need the perfect...
hedgehog with bubbles
There are so many great hedgehog names out there, it can be hard to know where to start. So we’ve gathered all the best names for prickly pets in one place, to help you choose. We’ve got cute hedgehog names and...

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