Best Bedding For Rabbits

Best bedding for rabbits

What Is The Best Bedding For Rabbits? Is It Pine Or Cedar? How About Paper, Fleece, Straw, Hay Or Even Aspen?

In This Article We Are Going To Take A Look At All Of Your Choices, And Help You To Pick The Right One For Your Bunny.

Making sure our furry friends are comfortable is all part of a pet owner’s job.

But picking the best bedding for rabbits can be tricky with so many options on the market.

From paper to pine to straw or hay, there are loads of different materials to choose from.

This guide will help you decide what to use for rabbit bedding and how create a comfortable sleeping area for your bunny.

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Top picks

In a rush? Check out our top contenders for the best bedding for rabbits right here:

Kaytee Aspen Bedding BagAspen, Aroma Free,
Natural Bedding
Small Pet Select Premium Soft Paper BeddingPaper, Chemical Free,
Soft Bedding
Carefresh Complete Confetti Pet BeddingPaper, Odor Control,
Absorbant Bedding
Carefresh Complete Pet BeddingPaper, Odor Control,
Absorbant Bedding
Kaytee Wafer Cut HayNatural Hay,
Edible Bedding

You can find out more about these and lots of other options below.

Looking at the leading brands on the market and even rabbit bedding alternatives.

We feature advice on selecting the best bedding for rabbits cage, and the most suitable types of indoor rabbit bedding.

Make sure your bunny gets a great night’s sleep with this handy how-to of bunny bedding!

Best bedding for rabbits

What is the best bedding for rabbits?

There are a few criteria.

The best rabbit bedding keeps your pet safe, dry, warm and comfortable as they are resting or sleeping.

Rabbits are prey animals, so they need to feel secure in their environment and like spaces where they can retreat if feeling threatened.

Bunny rabbit bedding should be kept very dry and clean – with frequent cleaning so bacteria and mould doesn’t have a chance to build up.

And make sure the sleeping environment is at the best temperature for your rabbit. Bunnies do best at 60-70 degrees.

You will also want to use a bedding that eliminates odors to keep your rabbit cage bedding or rabbit hutch bedding from becoming smelly.

Safe bedding for rabbits

Your rabbit is going to spend a lot of time in its bedding, so it’s vital that it’s made of a safe material.

best bedding for rabbits

Bunnies also have a tendency to nibble so bedding should be safe to eat.

The main concern however is regarding pine bedding for rabbits.

Pine bedding for rabbits

Some animal advocates have raised concerns over aromatic softwood bedding that has been found to affect liver function in small animals.

This is from rabbits inhaling fumes from the wood.

If you’re concerned, make sure your bunny’s bedding is in a well-ventilated area and take your pet in for regular vet check-ups.

A regular blood test should be able to tell you if your rabbit’s liver enzymes are being affected.

Cedar bedding for rabbits is also not advised. It’s believed by many that cedar chips in your rabbit’s area culd pose a danger to its health.

The odor produced from these types of wood can cause liver damage.

While cedar and pine bedding are seen as controversial, they are still popular with some rabbit owners.

It’s important to note that we could not find any scientific research to conclusively demonstrate these dangers to rabbits. However, with so many other options available we think it’s best to avoid them until we know for sure that they are totally safe.

Paper bedding for rabbits

Paper bedding is a great option for your bunny’s bed.

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

This 99% dust free paper bedding by Carefresh* is non-toxic, lightweight and organic.

A safer alternative to conventional pine.

It’s made from reclaimed wood pulp but doesn’t contain the aromatic oils found in pine and cedar.

Carefresh Complete Confetti Bedding

For a colorful, fun option, Carefresh Complete* does a multi-colored, “confetti” bedding made from shredded paper.

Soft and absorbent, it promises 10-day odor control.

Small Pet Select Premium Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select* makes an unbleached paper bedding that is non-toxic and free of chemicals.

Roadtested on the company’s guinea pig, Lizzy, this bedding has the rodent seal of approval!

It’s also a good choice if you’re on the hunt for cheap rabbit bedding. Each bag expands to three times its original size, so it’ll last for longer.

Straw bedding for rabbits

Straw is not a particularly absorbent material, but it is good for insulation.

Because of this, it is good bedding for rabbits that live outdoors and need the extra heat.

This straw pet bedding* is a good choice.

Straw can make your rabbit’s hutch nice and toasty, as well as giving them something healthy to nibble on.

Interesting, one study has shown the baby rabbits that were raised in straw bedding grew to a larger size than those raised on wood shavings!

Aspen bedding for rabbits

This type of bunny rabbit bedding is made from Aspen wood, and is known for being especially absorbent.

It also has a reputation among rabbit-owners as being the best type of bedding to eliminate nasty odors.

Kaytee Aspen Bedding

Kaytee’s Aspen Bedding* is specially formulated to remove dust and wood debris.

And it is available to buy in bulk, for better value.

Aspen is known as a cheap alternative to many types of rabbit bedding. It’s readily available from most pet stores and very economical.

If you want to give your bunny some wood to gnaw on, aspen is a non-toxic alternative to pine and cedar.

Is this your choice of the best bedding for rabbits? It’s certainly worth consideration.

But what about another popular option? Is the best bedding for rabbits actually good old traditional hay?

Hay for rabbit bedding

Hay isn’t just for horses – bunnies love it too!

Rabbits are natural chewers, and they enjoy munching on grass as they rest in their cages.

Providing hay for your bunny not only gives it much needed nutrition, it also prevents your pet from getting bored.

If you use hay for your rabbit’s resting area, use good quality hay and change it daily. Hay can grow mouldy very quickly, especially if in contact with any moisture.

Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay

The Kaytee brand offers a wafer-cut hay* that is shredded finely to provide more comfort.

It’s also high in protein and digestible fibre so if your bunny can have a healthy snack before bedtime!

Carefresh Timothy Hay

Carefresh also has a timothy hay product*. Timothy hay is type of grass used as a staple food for guinea pigs, rabbits and small rodents.

Carefresh’s Timothy Hay supports your pet’s digestive and dental health.

It’s also a low-fat treat that will keep them occupied, without gaining any weight.

The best bedding for rabbits probably isn’t going to be hay alone, but it’s a really important addition to any bunnies abode!

Fleece bedding for rabbits

If comfort comes first, you might want to consider fleece bedding for your rabbit.

This is a super soft material that will ensure the bunny is warm and cozy.

However it is quite high-maintenance and probably not suitable for pet owners who are short on time.

Fleece is not as absorbent as some other bedding materials, and therefore must be replaced more frequently.

It will not soak up urine, so your rabbit should be comfortable with using a litter tray before you try fleece in his cage.

Washable Bunny Bed

For an easier alternative, Ware Manufacturing makes a washable Safari Sleeper Bed* suitable for rabbits.

It has a waterproof bottom padding so it absorbs spills and can be clipped to your rabbit’s cage.

Best bedding for rabbits you can make yourself

For an even cheaper option, consider shredding your own paper. This can work well especially with outdoor rabbits.

Simply shred newspapers, or cardboard, and use it to line the floor of your bunny’s hutch or cage.

Be careful when using newspaper however as some rabbits will nibble and ingest the ink. They could also rip it up when bored.

Shredded paper for rabbit bedding is a quick, easy, convenient and very low-cost way of making sure your pet has a comfortable, safe space to snooze.

What is the best bedding for rabbits?

There is almost too much choice when it comes to finding the perfect cozy bunny bedding. But don’t despair – many rabbit owners find that the best way to make their pets comfortable is to use a mixture.

Some pair shredded cardboard with wood chips to give bunnies a choice of textures.

Others want to make sure their bunnies keep warm with a layer of straw, but combine it with a softer material such as recycled paper.

And you can always layer different materials to provide extra cushioning.

The best bunny bedding set is the one that works for you and your pet.

It must be within your budget, and low-maintenance enough to suit your lifestyle.

No matter what bedding you choose, regular cleaning is key. Floor and bedding material should be replaced when it’s soiled. And the entire cage or hutch should be cleaned at least once a week.

And the most important rule of all – keep your bunny’s sleeping area well away from his toilet.

Rabbits are naturally very clean creatures and it’s important that they have separate spaces for resting and eliminating.

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  1. Fleece bedding is very absorbent, given that it is properly treated first. You have to wash it and dry it (without dryer sheets) until water easily passes through the fabric. Also, you need an extra layer beneath the fleece, such as washable puppy pads or towels. This is much, much cheaper and less stinky than paper bedding! It literally takes five minutes to sweep the poo from the cage every day (I do it twice), and after a few days, just throw everything in the washer. It’s very economical and eco-friendly, and it will save you time as well. Fleece is also very stylish!


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