Best Cat Brush – The Best Brushes For Short and Long Hair

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The best cat brush is easy to use, easy to clean, and complements your cat’s coat type.

Regular brushing removes shedding hair before it can form hairballs, and gives fur a beautiful glossy shine.

This can help your cat, and make it easier to keep your home clean.

There are hundreds of options out there to choose from. So we’ve reviewed our favorites, with some tips to help you find the best brush for your cat.

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Choosing the Best Cat Brush

The best brush for your cat will depend on whether they have a long or short coat. And on whether it is dense or fine, and how much they like being groomed.

We’ve picked our favourite brushes for each type of cat, to help you choose.

Ginger cat entitled finding the purrfect brush

If you are not sure what coat type your cat has, you’ll need to work out what breed they are, and read up on their coat type before buying the perfect brush.

Best Cat Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes have a wide surface with lots of fine teeth. They’re great for removing dander, dirt and dead hair from medium or longer length coats.

The best cat slicker brush is gentle on your cat’s skin and coat, easy for you to grip and use, and simple to clean after a grooming session.

Safari Slicker Brush

This popular and highly rated cat slicker brush by Safari* has a concave base to follow the contours of your cat’s body while you brush.

slicker brush

The stainless steel tines feature round-tip ends for skin comfort and safety.

Best of all, it has a one-button self-cleaning feature sends all that trapped hair right into the trash can.

Four Paws Slicker Brush

This slicker brush by Four Paws* is gentle enough to use on a kitten and features a durable wooden handle for your comfort while you brush.

slicker brush

If your kitty has sensitive skin and a fine hair coat, this may be the perfect slicker brush for you.

JW Pets Round Slicker Brush

For smaller cats and kittens, this round soft slicker brush by JW Pets* is a great choice to navigate smaller areas of their coat easily.

slicker brush

The non-slip handle is ergonomic for your comfort and is a great choice to control shedding.

Best Short Hair Cat Brush

The best cat brush for short hair focuses on de-shedding and smoothing your cat’s short coat. It doesn’t have to get through the same depth of fur as a long-haired coat has, so it can be a little softer, especially on a cat with a single layer coat.

Furminator Rake

The Furminator de-shedding rake* is designed for short-hair cats with thick, dense, double or triple-layer coats.

furminator rake

The single-press eject button makes cleaning the rake fast and easy. There is also a long hair cat model.

Hartz De-Shedding Tool

This unusual de-shedding tool by Hartz* is designed with the year-round shedding cat in mind.

de-shedding tool

It features layers of micro-combs that are softer on your cat’s skin and effective at removing dead, shed hair.

CELEMOON Silicone Brush

This soft silicone grooming tool by CELEMOON* has a non-slip grip for you and soft, massaging silicone bristles for your cat’s comfort.

silicone brush

It traps shed, dead hair and debris. It also lifts them away while smoothing your cat’s coat.

Best Long Hair Cat Brush

The best long hair cat brush often isn’t a brush at all but a grooming comb.

You need a tool that helps to separate out long, fine individual hairs without the risk of inadvertently tugging or pulling on your cat’s hair and skin.

Safari Comb

This stainless steel comb by Safari* features a double-layer of tines to reach down to the skin for a soothing massage.

safari comb

It also combs out tangles, mats and shed hair. The ergonomic wood handle is contoured for your comfort.

Andis Comb

This 2 Inch Steel Comb by Andis* is a different version of a double-tined comb.


It features closer-set tines at one end and wider-set tines at the other end for grooming different size surface areas on your cat’s body.

Combo Comb

This is Combo Comb* is another comb that gives you two sizes. Allowing to work on your cat’s body and extremities with gentleness and ease.

combo comb

Best Cat Brush Glove

Did you know you can buy a glove to wear with a ‘brush’ surface?

This is often the best way to introduce your kitty to being brushed; the glove feels more like petting than brushing.

The best cat brush glove is one that makes it easy for you to brush and groom your cat without causing any stress.

Upgrade Version Grooming Gloves

This pair of cat grooming gloves by Upgrade Version* is designed to fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes.

cat brush glove

It also has elastic spandex material and an adjustable Velcro wrist strap.

The glove material is breathable quick-drying mesh.

The inside of the glove is outfitted with short silicone rounded tips that collect shed, dead hair.

It gives a skin massage as you move your hands over your cat’s body.

Winning Gloves

This pair of grooming gloves by Winning* comes in five sizes (Junior, S, M, L, XL).

cat brush glove

They are designed to be used for bathing as well as dry brushing and grooming.

The manufacturer provides a handy sizing guide with fit instructions.

HIG Gloves

This set of two different grooming gloves by HIG* gives you two options to see what works best for your cat’s bathing, brushing and de-shedding needs.

grooming glove

One glove is a true five-finger glove while the other is a grooming mitt (like a mitten).

Both are made from soft, quick-drying mesh and neoprene soft rounded bristles.

Best Cat Grooming Brush

Some cat owners argue that the best cat grooming brush is one that can pull double duty, such as with these multi-purpose brushes and brush sets.

HaloVa Pin and Bristle Brush

This sturdy, durable, and attractive pin and bristle brush by HaloVa* features a sustainable and ergonomic bamboo handle and base.

pin and bristle brush

One side has a nylon bristle brush, and the other side has round-tip pins. The center is vented for use during styling.

Friends Forever Two in One Brush

This neat two-in-one kit by Friends Forever* gives you two grooming options:

  • De-shedding rake for removing dead hair
  • Pin and bristle brush for de-matting and smoothing
two in one brush

Change out the brush type with a click of the button on the handle.

Poodle Plush Combo Brush

This unique rectangular brush by Poodle Plush* features a two-sided head: one side has rounded pins to work out tangles, and remove debris and shed hair.

combo brush

The other has soft bristles to add shine.

For cats with curly or thick coats in particular, this may be just the right brush for the job.

Best Cat Brush for Self-Grooming

Some of you may have a kitty who is particularly shy or just doesn’t like to be brushed and groomed.

The perfect solution could be one of these innovative self-grooming tools.

AikoPets Grooming Brush

This cat grooming brush by AikoPets* looks like a cat toy.

toy grooming brush

It is mounted on a soft, comfy carpeted base.

It is curved to let your cat arch up against it and scratch as desired to remove dead, shed hair and massage the skin.

Catit Self Grooming Toy

This creative corner-mount self-grooming toy by Catit* comes with a packet of free Canadian catnip to help lure your cat to give it a try.

self grooming brush

Mounting options include screws or self-adhesive strips.

U-Shaped Brush

This U-shaped cat grooming brush* is made to fit into the entryway of your cat’s litter box to provide a nice massaging brush.

As a perk, it can also help to remove clinging cat litter particles.

Breed-Specific Grooming Products

There are some great options in this article for every type of cat. But perhaps you want something that will suit your specific kitty.

Take a look at some of our guides below for even more options.

These will help you find the perfect choice for your breed!

Best Cat Brush

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the different cat brush options.

Do you already have a favorite cat brush that your kitty and you both love? Why not let us know in the comment section below.

We can’t wait to hear about the options you think others would love.

And, if you use one of the brushes we’ve recommended here, be sure to let us know your favorite thing about it!

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