Best Dwarf Hamster Cages

best dwarf hamster cages

Welcome to our guide to the best dwarf hamster cages. Including reviews of the top choices for your furry little friend.

Of all the choices we have to make for our pets, where they’ll live is one of the biggest.

A nice environment can go a long way in keeping your dwarf hamster happy and healthy.

In ‘The Best Dwarf Hamster Cages’ we’ll look at some great options for your dwarf hamster’s home.

Choosing The Right Dwarf Hamster Cages

Buying a cage is normally the most expensive part of owning any hamster, no matter the size.

Hamsters, at their best, could put Houdini to shame with the stunts they’re capable of. They’ll squeeze through tight spaces that look impossible.

best dwarf hamster cages

So you’ll want a cage you can trust to keep them in.

Dwarf hamsters come with their own unique set of challenges. Their small size could mean that a cage that might be okay for other hamsters may be easily escapable.

Luckily most cages will specify which animals they’re suitable for. Often enclosures rated for dwarf hamsters will also be listed as suitable for mice and gerbils.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying any old hamster cage!

The mesh will often be wide enough for your dwarf hamster to fit through, even if it doesn’t look like it.

Ideally, your new cage should have 1/4” bar spacing if it is a traditional cage (many normal hamster cages have 1/2” spacing).

This isn’t as much a problem with all-plastic cages, but we’ll take a look at those later on.

So how big does the cage need to be?

Dwarf Hamster Cage Size

Small as they are, dwarf hamsters still need space to run around and stay exercised.

The PDSA tells us that wild hamsters can travel up to 5 miles in a single night. Any extra space will be appreciated and used, so don’t shy away from larger cages.

The effects of a cage that’s too small go well beyond just boring your hamster.

Cramped and boring surroundings can affect a hamsters core temperature. They can even make it worse at responding to infection or illness!

best dwarf hamster cages

Dwarf hamster cage size becomes more important still when you house more than one individual, as they shouldn’t have to fight for space.

The area they will get to roam around in should be a big factor in your decision on which cage to go for.

Dwarf hamster cages should also be deep.

Hamsters love to burrow in thick layers of bedding material, so be sure to provide for this. The RSPCA recommends having a layer of bedding around 3-6 inches in depth.

Let’s begin by taking a look at some big dwarf hamster cages.

Large Dwarf Hamster Cage

Space is important to both you and your dwarf hamster. Big dwarf hamster cages help to keep your pet free from stress.

Let’s look at Lixit’s ‘Savic Mickey 2’ first of all.

best dwarf hamster cagesThis large dwarf hamster cage boasts a few great features.

The narrow gauge wire is suitable for dwarf hamsters and mice. Usually enclosures this large have gaps too large for these small pets.

The easy to clean plastic housing is a great plus. A raised platform over half of the cage essentially adds another 50% to the already generous floor space.

The lack of accommodation for external tunnels make this cage a bit less customizable and fun than some of the others that we’ll look at. But with more than four square feet of floor space to run around on the bottom floor alone, your dwarf hamster won’t be short of room to maneuver.

It’s one of the pricier cages on this list, but for the extra space your hamster gets, it will be well worth the extra money.

We started off with one of the more expensive options, now lets see what’s available for less.

Check out our reviews of the best large hamster cages here. 

Cheap Dwarf Hamster Cages

Budget is a factor for almost everyone. When you’re trying to find a bargain dwarf hamster cage, you’ll still want something that will keep your pet happy and safe inside.

Habitrails ‘Cristal hamster habitat’ is the first cheap cage we’ll look at.

best dwarf hamster cages

The small gauge mesh makes this cage appropriate for dwarf hamsters.

The cage includes all the usual amenities, like a wheel, water bottle, and a food dish.

Space is quite limited if you were considering this cage alone for your hamster, but don’t worry as it has the option to expand.

This dwarf hamster cage can be connected to other Habitrail modules and units. If you would like to expand the hamsters enclosure, you can do so with the extra units in the adventure pack below.

best dwarf hamster cages

Space creating extensions like this can make relatively cramped cages more adventurous and spacious.

Kaytee Crittertrail

The Kaytee Crittertrail ‘Small Animal Habitat Starter Kit’ is another one we’ll consider in the search for cheap dwarf hamster cages.

Otherwise similar in specifications to the Cristal, this option features a hanging nest.

Like before, you have the option to extend the habitat with extra tubing and by linking to additional modules.

best dwarf hamster cages

Now we’ve looked at how to source dwarf hamster cages for fairly cheap. What does your dwarf hamster need from their cage?

Good dwarf hamster cages

What makes a hamster cage good is based on you and your pets needs. Good dwarf hamster cages will provide your hamster with enough space and entertainment.

You’ll need to consider what you have space for and, of course, how it will look in your house. But your main concern should be keeping your hamster happy in it’s home.

Hamster enclosures can generally be broken up into cages with bars, and those with plastic screens.

Plastic dwarf hamster cages

Plastic is easy to clean, light weight and cheap to produce.

Modern hamster cages often do away with metal almost completely. These plastic cages have no wire mesh at all, just clear plastic screens with venting holes.

Your hamster gets all the fresh air benefits of a traditional cage. But without the opportunity for a cheeky hamster to squeeze between the bars.

We’ll mention a cage like this in the next section.

Escaping is something that always worries dwarf hamster owners, and cutting out the bars removes a major risk factor.

These cages can also look very modern and different. What your cage looks like is bound to be important to you.

Plastic dwarf hamster cages look modern and different from the traditional mesh options. So what’s the best way to show off your hamster to friends and family?

Cool dwarf hamster cages

It’s great to have a hamster enclosure that keeps your pet happy. It’s even better when that habitat looks cool and you get to show it off to visitors.

Our pet’s homes often form centerpieces in our living rooms. So it’s important to have one that looks cutting edge and cool.

One such enclosure is the Habitrail OVO dwarf hamster cage.

best dwarf hamster cages

If it can be called a cage at all!

With an entirely plastic construction, there’s no need for risky bars. The vents all around this cage provide your hamster with air and the whole thing is easy to clean as a result.

Designed entirely with a dwarf hamster in mind, this cage aims to satisfy your hamsters desire to climb and explore. The customizable tubing and modules are great fun for kids, and adults too!

The OVO dwarf hamster cage falls short of some others on space, though, and this is the only real concern with this enclosure. But you can make up for this by adding on additional modules to make a bigger and better adventurous cage experience for your dwarf hamster.

Or getting an additional hamster playpen and letting them stretch their legs in this every day too.

Cool dwarf hamster cages like this can make an excellent home for your little pet. But what about a temporary home for your hamster while you are moving or cleaning his permanent cage?

Check out more reviews of the best cool hamster cages here. 

Dwarf Hamster Tanks

Another great way to keep your dwarf hamster safe and comfortable is by using a hamster tank. These glass or plastic enclosures are similar to a traditional fish tank.

Buy one with lots of space and have fun filling it with awesome toys!

You can find a range of the best hamster tanks here.

Dwarf Hamster Travel Cages

Sometimes you need somewhere your hamster can stay in while you clean their cage or for a short journey. There’s a whole range of cages made with this in mind.

A travel cage needs to be light, fairly compact and easy to carry.

Dwarf hamster travel cages are too small to make a permanent home for your pet. So try and make their stay in these enclosures as short as possible.

The Kaytee Crittertrail ‘Carry And Go’ is great. 1/4” Bar spacing dwarf-hamster-proofs the sides, and the whole kit is light and portable.

dwarf hamster travel cage


As you’d probably expect at this price point, the features are a little sparse. The usual water bottle and food bowl are included as standard, but there is no wheel.

In a cramped space like this your hamster needs as much ability to exercise and move as possible. So this could be a considerable drawback.

If you use a portable hamster cage like this, you’ll want to keep your dwarf hamster’s time in it to a minimum.

The pet hamster ‘house travel carrier’ addresses the wheel concern, and otherwise fits the bill for a dwarf hamster cage.

dwarf hamster travel cage

The plastic design means there’s no bars to worry about. It also makes this a very light travel cage indeed.

Having looked at all the options, what next?

Best Dwarf Hamster Cages

Dwarf hamster cages come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve looked at some of the best cages for dwarf hamsters available today.

As we’ve mentioned, space is so incredibly important.

Exercise and stress prevention should be priorities for all dwarf hamster owners. And if your cage looks good and keeps your hamster happy, then all the better!

Get the best dwarf hamster cage for your pet. You’ll be rewarded with a happy, healthy companion.

Still not decided?

Then check out even more awesome hamster cage options in the reviews below:


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