Boy Guinea Pig Names – 200 Great Names For Male Guinea Pigs

boy guinea pig names

Welcome to our great guide to the best boy guinea pig names. With hundreds of awesome ideas for naming your male guinea pigs, and even choosing names that match each other. We’ll help you make your final naming decision with top tips for brainstorming and finding your very own perfect boy guinea pig names.

Whether your boy guinea pig is a little cutie and you need cute boy guinea pig names to choose from, or your piggie has that once-in-a-lifetime personality that demands a list of the most unique names for boy guinea pigs to match, we’ve got you covered! Don’t forget – guinea pigs need friends! So if you’ve just brought home two boy piggies, read on for a great list of guinea pig names for two males as well.

Boy guinea pig names

If you have ever owned a guinea pig before, you already know how unique and varied their personalities can be. Where one piggie may be quiet and shy, another is so vocal and social! This can make it difficult to pick out the perfect guinea pig names boy right away. You might want to get to know your guinea pig first so you can find unique male guinea pig names that are as one-of-a-kind as he is!

In addition to all the other things on your “new pet guinea pig to-do list,” now you have to come up with a list of boy guinea pig names! But rest assured you don’t have to pick out your piggies’ guinea pig names for boys all by yourself. Your new pet can help you!

One of our favorite ways to select from male guinea pig names is to first make a short list of 10 names. Then say each name out loud while looking at your new pet. Notice which names just don’t seem to “fit” and strike those.

Then try calling the remaining names out loud in your piggie’s presence. Notice if there is one name he seems to respond to more than the others. You can try this again a few more times and even sleep on it before making your final choice. If your initial list doesn’t yield any winners, just eliminate that first set of names and try again until you find the perfect name that you and your guinea pig both love!

best male guinea pig names

Cute boy guinea pig names

If it’s cute names for boy guinea pigs you are after, look no further! This list of cute male guinea pig names focuses on cute guinea pig behaviors, personality quirks and habits that might just deliver the perfect cute name you are seeking!

  • Ace
  • Lucky
  • Marvin
  • Ozzy
  • Flopsy
  • Gus
  • Rolo
  • Orbit
  • Fonzie
  • Casper
  • Boomer
  • Cosmo
  • Zippy
  • Heiney
  • Fluffmeister
  • Ninja
  • Chives
  • Domino
  • Kirby
  • Tubby
  • Carrot Top
  • Dusty
  • Thor
  • Leaper
  • Bruno

Descriptive male guinea pig names

As we mentioned in the introduction here, finding good male guinea pig names is all about getting to know your new piggie day by day. So don’t put pressure on yourself to select a name right away! A more fun way to pick a name is to just keep a running list of good names for boy guinea pigs that you really like as you interact and play with your guinea pig.

As you do this, you might find yourself calling your piggie by a certain nickname again and again, or you may observe a unique color pattern or way of walking that makes naming your new pet a breeze! If the latter occurs, you can use this list of descriptive male guinea pig names to spark more creative ideas!

  • Thumper
  • Wheeker
  • Chirpy
  • Chatterbox
  • Dodger
  • Freckles
  • Pork Chop
  • Tiny
  • Flash
  • Brownie
  • Patches
  • Whitey
  • Nibbles
  • Furface
  • Squeaky
  • Oreo
  • Peanut
  • Snickers (or Snickerdoodle)
  • Nutmeg
  • Dirty Hairy
  • CocoPuff
  • Honey Bear
  • Nugget
  • Panda
  • Shadow

guinea pig names boy

Unique male guinea pig names

These unique guinea pig names male draw from science, pop culture, mythology and so many other interesting areas of life to give you lots of creative inspiration!

  • Sirius
  • Atlas
  • Mercury
  • Ajax
  • Patton
  • Sprocket
  • Apollo
  • Murphy
  • Hercules
  • Silverfox
  • Mojo
  • Truffles
  • Little Wolf
  • Comet
  • Boss Hogg
  • Magic
  • Tigger
  • Hot Rod
  • Bobo
  • Radar
  • Jet
  • Count
  • Galileo
  • Atom
  • Romeo

Formal male guinea pig names with nicknames!

One neat way to choose names for guinea pigs male is to pick a formal name you can turn into a nickname! This fun list of pairs can help you do just that.

  • Theodopolis (“Theo”)
  • Porkellus (“Porky”)
  • Cavia Porcellus (“Caviar”)
  • Jabba the Hut (“Jabba”)
  • Albert Einstein (“Al” or “Einy”)
  • Sherlock Holmes (“Sherlock”)
  • Inspector Clouseau (“Clouey”)
  • Sir Percival (“Percy”)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (“Leo”)
  • Nicolaus Copernicus (“Nic”)
  • Huckleberry Finn (“Huck”)
  • Rudyard Kipling (“Rud” or “Kip”)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (“Waldo”)
  • King Arthur (“Art”)
  • Sigmund Freud (“Siggy”)
  • Stephen Hawking (“Hawk”)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven (“Luddy”)
  • Genghis Khan (“Khan”)
  • Angus McFergus (“Ferg”)
  • Oliver Cromwell (“Ollie”)
  • Alexander Graham Bell “(Alex”)
  • Sir Francis Bacon (“Sir Bacon”)
  • Abraham Lincoln (“Abe”)
  • Alfred Hitchcock (“Al” or “Hitch”)
  • Babe Ruth (“Babe”)

guinea pig names male

Cartoon boy guinea pig names

Guinea pigs can make wonderful, gentle and social pets for people of all ages. This light-hearted list of good boy guinea pig names can make short work of naming your family’s new piggie, especially if someone in your family is a big fan of any of these cartoon characters!

  • Bart
  • Pluto
  • Pongo
  • Thumper
  • Gus
  • Shroeder
  • Sebastian
  • Spike
  • Linney
  • Darwin
  • Arlo
  • Mickey
  • Kevin
  • Olaf
  • Major
  • King Louie
  • Cheezit
  • Alvin
  • Tigger
  • Simba
  • Winnie
  • Gaston
  • Andy
  • Abu
  • Zeus

Movie and TV character names

If your family is struggling to come up with a short list of boy guinea pig names that everyone can agree on, perhaps it is time to turn to a list of names that reference the movies and television shows you all love for some help!

  • Hamlet
  • Gizmo
  • Marty McFly
  • Aladdin
  • Charlie Brown
  • Zorro
  • Benny
  • Archie
  • Godzilla
  • Kermit
  • Wolverine
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Handsome Rob
  • Bruce Wayne
  • James Bond
  • Rocky Balboa
  • Clark Kent
  • Tarzan
  • Austin Powers
  • Johnny Utah
  • Maximus
  • Optimus Prime
  • Inigo Montoya
  • Captain America
  • Yoda

male guinea pig

Unisex guinea pig names for boys

Many guinea pig owners have that story of the time their boy guinea pig turned out to be a girl guinea pig – or vice versa. If even the teensiest smidgen of gender doubt remains in your mind, these unisex boy names for guinea pigs will keep you out of hot water if your little gentleman turns out to be a little lady instead!

  • Clover
  • Jelly Belly
  • BB
  • Cheerios
  • Tofu
  • Muppet
  • Moonshine
  • Hash Brown
  • Little Bit
  • Sparky
  • Cuddles
  • Fidget
  • Dash
  • Hershey
  • Jumper
  • Bingo
  • Piper
  • Scooter
  • Waffles
  • Basil
  • Figgy
  • Checkers
  • TicTac
  • Sleepy (or Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Doc, Sneezy, Happy)
  • Aspen

Guinea pig names for two males

In the vast majority of cases, pet guinea pigs are much healthier and happier when housed in pairs. The reason for this is simple: in the wild, cavies (the name for wild guinea pigs) are highly social and live in groups.

A captive guinea pig will naturally crave the company of his own kind, even while desiring interaction with you. A lonely guinea pig can quickly fall prey to illness and loneliness, even if he is safe from predation. This list of guinea pig names for two males can spark your imagination as you brainstorm the perfect guinea pig names for boy pairs!

  • Bert & Ernie
  • Goliath & David
  • G-Force Blaster, Speckles, Hurley
  • Batman & Robin
  • Han Solo & Chewbacca
  • Obi Wan & Luke Skywalker
  • Abbott & Costello
  • Shaggy & Scooby
  • Nemo & Marlin
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Harry & Ron
  • Kirk & Spock
  • Marco & Polo
  • Jerry & George
  • Key & Peele
  • SpongeBob & Patrick
  • Raylan & Boyd
  • Itchy & Scratchy
  • Beavis & Butthead
  • Frasier & Niles
  • Jay & Silent Bob
  • Harry & Lloyd
  • Wayne & Garth
  • Bill & Ted
  • Sam & Frodo

Best Male guinea pig names

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading through this fun and creative list of guinea pig names for males! If this list of guinea pig male names helped you pick your new piggie’s name, we would love to hear which name you chose!

Black and white guinea pig names


  1. I just got a baby guinea pig and I need a name he has white, brown, and black patches and my other guinea pigs name is Sampson

  2. Hello friends today I am looking for names for my 2 girl guinea pigs (preferably boy names). I might be getting them (if my parents let me) with my birthday money! I promised I would take care of them all by myself! It would be fantastic if y’all could give me some advice about taking care of my guinea pigs so I can persuade my parents to let me get them! Thanks everyone, have a splendid life!

    • get a big cage and lots of hay females are most likely not to fight then males. they need lots of attention as that they should be in the family room 1 cup of veggies a day like cucumbers, carrots, lettuce. at least
      once a day you should hand feed them and take them out (if not to cold) 65-75 degrees fahrenheit or 18-20 degrees celsuis
      as that i am 10 ( i had guinea pigs since i was 4) i would look up other things that i did not include like what not to feed them but most veggies are safe hope this helped someone that is new to having piggies bye

  3. HaHHAHA yes. Thanks for helping me choose a name for my two new baby piggy boys. Names are Bert and Ernie. Its adorable… Thank You… ???

  4. when my mind gets set on doing or getting something, they can’t stop me. that’s how i got my Venus fly trap, and my dog,and my ants, and my praying mantids, and my Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and my mouse, and soon my guinea pig too!!!

  5. Tigger, tank, tag, tax, tootsie, trouble, tinker, ?? Any help I’ll keep think any name ideas for boy pairs ones black and other is ginger and white and any girl names for grey and white so far: nibbles nyla, miss piggy, Carmela, lorili, tiny

  6. I named my Christmas bub puddin and she literally was tiny born and she got nicknamed pud she tri coloured all fits well with Christmas pudding lol 😂


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