50 Amazing Hamster Facts For Kids

50 awesome hamster facts for kids

Welcome To Our Top 50 Greatest Hamster Facts For Kids!

Are you thinking of getting a new hamster friend?

Or do you just want to find out more about your fabulous little pet?

Then check out these amazing hamster facts for kids.

Hamster facts for kids

Let’s start by looking at some general fun hamster facts.

50 awesome hamster facts for kids

We’ll discover when they sleep, how they spend their days and how best to take care of them!


Hamsters are nocturnal. This means they like to sleep during the day and are active at night. How cool is that?


Speaking of how active they are at night, they definitely need an exercise wheel to get rid of excess energy.


And they love to dig tunnels in the ground, so they can live there.

These tunnels can be as deep as six feet beneath the surface!


Wild hamsters will hibernate if it is cold out.

Hibernation is when an animal goes for a long sleep until the weather gets better. They wake up once in awhile to eat during this time.


Hamsters will bite when scared or startled! Make sure your hamster always knows you are coming by speaking to them softly, before you put your hand in their cage.


They can store food in their cheek pouches and wait until they get home to eat it.

So don’t be surprised to see an adorable puffy cheeked hamster! As well as finding your hamster’s dinner hidden in her bed!

Fascinating Hamster facts for kids

Some of those hamster facts you probably already knew, but here’s where it gets really fun.

50 awesome hamster facts for kids

For example, did you know hamster pouches aren’t just used for carrying food….


If a mama hamster feels like her babies are in danger, she will put them in her cheek pouches. To carry them away to safety!


Using their wheel, a hamster can run up to 5 ½ miles a night! That’s a seriously long distance to go while staying in one place!


Hamsters have poor eyesight, so they require the scent glands on their backs to leave marks behind so they can find their way back home.

How’s that for cunning!


Hamster lifespan is sadly quite short. That means that a one-year old hamster is about the same age as a 25 year old person!


You can’t spay or neuter a hamster. To prevent pregnancies, you must keep males and females apart.

More fun facts about hamsters for kids

I bet there were some fun hamster facts you didn’t know there! Some of them were a shock when we found them out.

And we’re not even nearly finished yet!

Here is some more great hamster information for kids.

Syrian hamster facts for kids

Syrian hamsters are absolutely beautiful. They are notoriously great pets, with friendly inquisitive natures.

Syrian hamster facts for kids

But there is more to these tiny friends then just cuteness.


The Syrian hamster is the most common pet hamster type.


It is commonly thought that Syrian hamsters are the best hamster for kids. This is because they are easier to handle than smaller hamster breeds.


The Syrian is also known as a teddy bear hamster. Isn’t that cute?


Syrian hamsters are also known as Golden Hamsters!


Although the gold color is very common for Syrians, they also come in a range of other beautiful shades, tones and hues.


Syrian hamsters are solitary creatures, meaning they don’t like having other hamsters around them.

That’s why you shouldn’t make them share space with another hamster. It could end very badly indeed!


Wild Syrian hamsters are rare. In fact they are considered endangered because there are so few of them found in nature.

Dwarf hamster facts for kids

Here are some general dwarf hamster facts for those fans of the smaller variety of hammie.


Dwarf hamsters are the smallest hamster breed and only grow 2 to 4 inches long. That’s tiny!


Dwarf hamsters are sociable, meaning they like to have other hamster friends living with them.


Don’t use a cage suited for Syrian hamsters because dwarf hamsters are small enough to slip through the bars. They are great little escape artists.

Roborovski hamster facts for kids

Roborovski hamsters are tiny, fluffy balls of fun. They move quickly, and are lively.

roborovski hamster facts for kids

How many of these Roborovski hamster facts for kids did you already know?


Roborovski babies are born without fur and their eyes are sealed.


They are commonly refered to as Robo hamsters. This makes sense because of their name of course, but also because their tiny movements can seem a little robotic!


Some Robo hamster owners have measured them running as far as 100 miles in a single night on their wheel! How crazy is that?!

Winter white hamster facts

Winter white hamsters are a common variety of dwarf hamster. They have a beautiful soft pale coat, and seem to have a very cheeky sense of fun.

50 awesome hamster facts for kids


Winter whites are actually gray with a white belly and have a thick gray striped fur running down their backs.

Why are they called winter whites then?

Because their coat almost turns completely white during winter!


Winter whites are a dwarf breed who grow to 3 to 4 inches long.


Believe it or not, even though you can barely see it, they do have a tail.


If you spook them out, they can scream!

Chinese dwarf hamster facts

Chinese dwarf hamsters are one of the most adorable little hamster breeds. And they have quite interesting personalities and habits.

Chinese dwarf hamster facts for kids


Chinese dwarf hamsters come from Mongolia and northern China.


They are commonly mistaken for mice because they have longer tails than other hamsters.


Their long tails make them excellent climbers and jumpers compared to other hamsters.


Chinese hamsters also love to dig. If you give them a good level of bedding in their cage they will spend a lot of their time underground in their own special tunnel systems.

Fun hamster teeth facts

One of the most interesting things about hamsters are their teeth!

50 awesome hamster facts for kids


Their teeth grow so long that it can injure them. That’s why you need to let them chew on hard things like twigs or wood to keep their teeth from growing out of control.


Since they are rodents, hamster teeth never stop growing.


You must provide wood or a hard chew toy to prevent teeth from overgrowing. Teeth that get too long can puncture their mouths.


Hamsters are one of the few animals that are born with a full set of teeth.


If a hamster tooth breaks, the tooth opposite to it may overgrow.


Older hamsters tend to have teeth that break and grow crooked, so it’s a good idea to feed them soft foods like scrambled eggs and bread.

Long haired hamster facts

Have you ever seen a long haired hamster? Perhaps you own one yourself? Well although they have many similarities to other hamsters, there are also so fascinating differences.


Long-haired hamsters are always a part of the Syrian hamster breed.


Long haired hamsters can struggle to keep their fur clean, especially around the tail end.


It’s important to groom a long haired hamster’s fur, so that it doesn’t get matted.


Grooming your hamster from the time they are tiny can be a great way to bond with your little friend, and make sure that you remember to handle her every day.


Boy hamsters grow long hair with a skirt at the back, while girl Syrian hamsters have thick fluffy coats.

Hamster care for kids

Caring for your hamster is very important. There are lots of difference aspects to hamster care, and here are some interesting facts about it!


Although hamsters are easy to handle and make wonderful pets for kids, they aren’t as social as dogs or cats. Your hamster will appreciate having time to herself as well as out playing with you.


After they reach the age of four to five weeks, Syrian hamsters need to be kept alone in a separate cage from other hamsters to prevent them from hurting each other.


Syrian hamsters are docile and easy to handle if they are treated well, so be especially gentle with them when handling them.

Cool hamster facts

Let’s end with some cool hamster facts for kids.


Hamsters love to hide out in tunnel tubes, so providing them with empty toilet paper rolls and cardboard are a great way for them to play.


Girl hamsters usually grow larger than boys.


Hamsters are color-blind and their overall eyesight is not so good.


Hamsters are one of the most fun and lovable pets in the world. I’m sure you agree that’s a fact!

50 Fun Hamster facts for kids

These are definitely some interesting facts about hamsters! Do you have any cool facts about hamsters we didn’t mention? We would love for you to share it with the rest of our readers.

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