DIY Hamster Toys

DIY Hamster Toys

DIY Hamster Toys Are Great Fun For You As Well As Your Pet! Let’s Take A Look At Some Fabulous Homemade Hamster Toys That Anyone Can Create.

If you have hamsters at home, you know how much fun they are to have around.

They are sweet, playful, and good-natured little critters.

Just like other pets, they need toys to help them stay active and busy.

If you’re like me, your first instinct might be to run out and buy toys for them.

But before you do, why not consider saving yourself some money by making your own diy hamster toys.

Homemade hamster toys can be fun to make. And you can use stuff you already have around the house to do it.

You can even easily replace them for pennies, making it both affordable and more sanitary for your pet hamster.

Diy hamster toys

There are lots of different hamster toys you can make for your little buddy.

From homemade hamster chew toys to hamster houses to ladders, you just need a little ingenuity to make some cool toys for your pet.

We have some good ideas to help you get started.

How to make hamster toys

Let’s get started by gathering supplies.

Start by looking around the house to see if you have empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, wooden popsicle sticks and non-toxic glue.

DIY Hamster Toys

If you have these items lying around, you’re in great shape.

If not, you can purchase some of these items at the local crafts store, or simply wait until you accumulate some!

Once you gather these items, you can start putting together fun homemade hamster toys.

Homemade hamster chew toys

Hamsters definitely need chew toys to keep their teeth healthy.

Unlike human teeth, hamster teeth grow constantly, thus requiring special care to keep them in check.

Wood is commonly given to hamsters for them to gnaw on, which helps keep their teeth from overgrowing.

When giving them wood blocks or sticks, make sure they are untreated and unpainted.

Alternatively, you can give them dog biscuits (without garlic) or tubes from paper towel rolls.

Diy hamster chew toys

Here is an idea for diy hamster chew toys.

You can make chew sticks for your hamster.

All you need is wood skewers, white flour, water and scissors. First, cut the wood skewers into 3 inch pieces.

Mix 1:1 ratio of white flour and water to make non-toxic glue.

Then dip or brush the skewers with the glue mixture and stick together five pieces of them.

Allow them to fully dry overnight before giving it to your little hammy.

Diy hamster house

You can make a diy hamster house by gluing popsicle sticks together to form a house.

Make sure to use non-toxic glue such as a 1:1 flour to water paste.

You will want to form the base of the house, four walls and possibly a roof.

Make sure that there’s a doorway or two for your hamster to run in and out of the house.

Diy hamster wheel

Diy hamster wheels can be made using a plastic CD case and metal wire from a hanger (as an example).

Draw two doorways in the top of the plastic and cut them out so your hamster can get in and out of the wheel.

Poke holes in the bottom of the case for ventilation. Poke a hole in the middle of a plastic bottle cap and glue the cap over the hole in the bottom of the CD case.

Make a hole in the top of the CD case and top of the spindle.

Place the wire through the case and bend the wires on both sides into triangles to make the stand and watch your little hammy go.

Make sure to supervise them using this wheel, though, as there is the potential for risk. Remove it straight away after use, or if your hamster starts to chew it.

Diy hamster tubes

Diy hamster tubes can be better for your hamster than store bought plastic tubes because they do not need to be cleaned regularly like plastic tubes do.

Once they are a bit worn, you can just replace the diy hamster tubes with spares or just make new ones.

Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls make excellent hamster tubes. They are cheap and easy toys to make.

You can cut holes in the tubes and stick your hammy’s favorite treat in there and watch him go.

You can also push the tubes together and cut corners at different angles so your hamster has multiple places to run.

Diy hamster ladder

To make a diy hamster ladder, all you need are popsicle sticks and glue. You’ll need to overlap and glue together the vertical sticks.

Then place sticks horizontally, gluing the ends on to the vertical sticks to create the steps.

Do this until you have a ladder that is tall enough to reach your hamster’s favorite platform.

Again, these are best used in your hamsters playpen during supervised play, rather than it the cage they sleep in at night.

Diy hamster playground

Make a fun diy hamster playground by using wood popsicle sticks, toilet paper roll tube, yarn, and glue.

This is basically a jungle gym for your little hammy to run around in.

Start by building a box frame (base, two sides, roof) using the popsicle sticks and glue.

Then take the yarn and tie it to the roof and slip one end of the yarn through the toilet paper roll so it dangles mid air.

It should look like a hanging tunnel.

For added fun, make ladders out of popsicle sticks and lean it against the jungle gym.

Diy hamster bed

To keep your hamster comfy in his cage, you need bedding that is safe, clean, absorbent, and doesn’t contain much dust.

If you are trying to save some money, try making your own diy hamster bed.

You can tear up white paper (no ink) into small pieces until you have enough bedding material.

They love burrowing and tearing apart these pieces of paper, so make plenty of it.

You can also use dry toilet paper or tissue paper to make hamster bedding. Just tear it up like white paper and stick it in your hamster’s living space.

Creative homemade hamster toys

It’s easy to be creative when you make hamster toys.

Cardboard boxes can be turned into pop-up mazes, brown paper bags can be stuffed with paper bedding with holes in them, old socks can be wrapped around an empty paper towel roll as inexpensive tunnels and much more.

homemade hamster toys

You can even use random objects from around the house, like seashells!

Homemade hamster hideout

Hamsters love to burrow and hide. Why not gather six toilet paper roll tubes and glue them together to form a triangle?

Place it on the bedding and watch your hamster run through the tunnels and hide.

DIY Hamster Maze

DIY hamster mazes are a really fun way to play with your hamster, and can work as a makeshift playpen.

If you have kids then legos are the best way to create a maze with high enough walls that your hamster can’t climb out.

You can even incorporated steps, slopes and tunnels if you are feeling creative.

If you don’t have kids to borrow legos from, then dvd boxes make a great alternative to pile into little hamster heighted walls.

Best diy hamster toys

There are so many great ideas out there for how to make homemade hamster toys.

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas on how to get started.

How about you? Have you tried making any DIY hamster toys yourself?

We would love to hear what your hamster’s favorite DIY toy is in the comments section below!

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