Girl Guinea Pig Names: Over 200 Great Names For Female Guinea Pigs

Girl guinea pig names

In this article, we’ll provide you with a host of cute female guinea pig names. We’ve included names that match your girls’ coat color or personality and names that will set her apart from the rest. You’ll even find names that might have her mistaken as a celebrity’s pet!

Girl guinea pig names, like any pet names are important. With each girl guinea pig having unique looks and personality, finding a name that’s worthy of each of them may seem like quite the challenge. Our fifteen favorite girl guinea pig names for are:

  1. Nala
  2. Luna
  3. Willow
  4. Sage
  5. Gucci
  6. Stormy
  7. Jasmine
  8. Bubbles
  9. Petunia
  10. Gabbana
  11. Minnie
  12. Mocha
  13. Squeaks
  14. Elle
  15. Raine

Did You Know…

Most people think guinea pigs are actually pigs. They’re not — they’re rodents! They also aren’t called guinea pigs because they’re from Guinea. In reality, your cute guinea pig is originally from the Andes. Did you also know that a female guinea pig is called a sow? Males are boars and their young are known as pups.

Many people may think that animals are animals and it doesn’t matter whether your female guinea pig has a “girl” or “boy” name. It’s okay if you’re in that camp, but we think female guinea pig names really suit those cute creatures. And really, the names are as much for them as they are for us, no?

Making the Right Choice

Girl guinea pigs come in an awful lot of shapes and sizes. Their fur could be short, long, shiny, or even dense and wiry. Their color could be black as night, white as the driven snow, red as a fire engine, or a mix of a few colors. It could be solid, patterned, or roan.

With all this variety, it only makes sense to have a girl guinea pig name that perfectly captures your pet’s essence. So let’s get started. We begin first with cute girl guinea pig names.


Cute Girl Guinea Pig Names

If you’re looking to emphasize your female guinea pigs’ baby-like cuteness, then consider one of these ultra adorable names!

  1. Baby
  2. Betty Boop
  3. Binx
  4. Bubbles
  5. Bubby
  6. Elle
  7. Esmeralda
  8. Fancy
  9. Lizzie
  10. Milkdud
  11. Minnie
  12. Mittens
  13. Paulie
  14. Peaches
  15. Pippie
  16. Poppet
  17. Sally
  18. Squeaks
  19. Sweet Pea
  20. Trinket

Girl guinea pig names

Names for a Pair of Girl Guinea Pigs

Most pet owners who are fortunate enough to receive a double package — two of the same at once — love pair names! We’re big fans of those too. These are some of our favorite names for a pair of girl guinea pigs. We’ve included names of celebrities, fictional characters, and even inanimate objects and food that pair like no other!

  1. Chips & Salsa
  2. Chocolate & Chip
  3. Ginger & Snap
  4. Cookies & Cream
  5. Lemon & Lime
  6. Yin and Yang
  7. Kim and Kourtney
  8. Betty and Veronica
  9. Thelma & Louise
  10. Bow & Arrow
  11. Sugar & Spice
  12. Venus & Serena

Long-haired Female Guinea Pig Names

If you have a long-haired piggy breed then you might well be looking for long haired guinea pig girl names. Long-haired guinea pigs include the gorgeous Peruvian, Silkie, Silkie Satin, Sheltie, Coronet, or Texel.  Your girl’s gorgeous coat could serve as your inspiration for her name.

  1. Barbie
  2. Bear
  3. Celestia
  4. Chewy
  5. Cousin It
  6. Fabio
  7. Fizzie
  8. Fluffbuttom
  9. Fuzzball
  10. Fuzzy Wuzzy
  11. Goldilocks
  12. Hippie
  13. Jazzy
  14. Ozzy
  15. Pirate
  16. Rapunzel
  17. Ruffles
  18. Shaggy
  19. Tangled
  20. Teddy

Long Haired Guinea Pig Girl Names. 200 Great Girl Guinea Pig Names

Girl Baby Guinea Pig Names

Baby guinea pigs are quite literally the cutest little things! Still, they’re resilient creatures. So, we’ve chosen cute, but strong and unique names for this bunch.

  1. Belle
  2. Butterscotch
  3. Coco
  4. Evie
  5. Persia
  6. Nutmeg
  7. Hazel
  8. Jojo
  9. Indigo
  10. Fifi
  11. Tiny

White Guinea Pig Names

Like many other species, guinea pigs may be born completely white. Also, guineas can be white with dark spots or splashes of color. These names are guaranteed to emphasize your guinea’s albino or primarily white coat!

  1. Angel
  2. Cadbury
  3. Chilly
  4. Cream
  5. Crush
  6. Dewdrop
  7. Diamond
  8. Dovey
  9. Frosting
  10. Frosty
  11. Ghost
  12. Icy
  13. Ivory
  14. Meringue
  15. Milkshake
  16. Rice
  17. Slushie
  18. Snowshoe
  19. Spirit
  20. Sugar

White Guinea Pig Names For Girls. 200 Great Girl Guinea Pig Names

Black Guinea Pig Names for Girls

Black guinea pigs are totally stunning. And, their coat comes in a range from darkest mat grey to the shiniest jet black. If your guinea pig is black or has lots of black in her coat, then you could choose a name that draws attention to her mysterious coloring.

  1. Beans
  2. Blackberry
  3. Blackie
  4. Boo
  5. Charcoal
  6. Chip
  7. Dreamy
  8. Inky
  9. Jet
  10. KitKat
  11. Luna
  12. Magic
  13. Midnight
  14. Moon
  15. Morticcia
  16. Noir (black in French)
  17. Pitch
  18. Spooky
  19. Spot
  20. Star
  21. Trixie

Black Guinea Pig Names For Girls. 200 Great Girl Guinea Pig Names

Ginger Guinea Pig Names

It’s quite common for guinea pigs to have a little or a lot of red and ginger shades in their coat. We’ve listed some names that will surely complement your guinea’s fiery fur. Look carefully because you might recognize a few names that are shared by well-known redheads.  After all, redheads are special, regardless of their species!

  1. Amelia
  2. Annie
  3. Ariel
  4. Autumn
  5. Blush
  6. Cayenne
  7. Christmas
  8. Cinnamon Stick
  9. Fiona
  10. Gingie
  11. Ginny
  12. Leaf
  13. Lucy
  14. Pepper
  15. Raine
  16. Raspberry
  17. Red Velvet
  18. Scarlet
  19. Strawberry
  20. Sunny

Ginger Guinea Pig Names For Girls. 200 Great Girl Guinea Pig Names

Unique Girl Guinea Pig Names

Everyone likes to be different, at least some of the time. You don’t necessarily want your new little pets to have names that your friends have already chosen.  Your guinea pigs are unique, so why shouldn’t their names be too?

Picking a unique name can tricky, but there are a few places you can look for ideas. For instance, historical names, interesting objects or even random words are a great place to start. Here are our favorite unusual names for female guinea pigs

  1. Adelaide
  2. Agatha
  3. Audra
  4. Beatrice
  5. Bellatrix
  6. Charisma
  7. Charlotte
  8. Clarisse
  9. Cordelia
  10. Dharma
  11. Doodle
  12. Frances
  13. Geneva
  14. Gucci
  15. Jade
  16. Jules
  17. Karma
  18. Louise
  19. Margie
  20. Marmalade
  21. Miriam
  22. Nanette
  23. Percy
  24. Persephone
  25. Venus
  26. Xenon

Unique Names For Girl Guinea Pigs. 200 Great Girl Guinea Pig Names

Funny Girl Names for Guinea Pigs

Naming your new guinea pig doesn’t have to be a serious business. For example, if your pet is a rather round and often unkempt-looking “pig-pig,” there’s nothing wrong with letting their humorous appearance guide the naming process!  We think the names below will give everyone who meets your guinea a good giggle.

  1. Beaver
  2. Biscuit
  3. Cheeks
  4. Chomper
  5. Chubster
  6. Cotton Ball
  7. Gidget
  8. Honey Bunch
  9. Jello
  10. Miss Piggie
  11. Mrs. Nibblesworth
  12. Ms. Whiskers
  13. Oompa
  14. Pickle
  15. Pom Pom
  16. Puff
  17. Pumpkin
  18. Roly Poly
  19. Shortcake
  20. Sticks

Funny Girl Names For Guinea Pigs. 200 Great Girl Guinea Pig Names

Cool Girl Guinea Pig names

Let’s face it, if you are choosing a name you want it to be cool. After all, you are going to be telling all your friends about your new pets. You want to be proud to say their names when you share them.

If your guinea pig is “too cool for school,” then a name that matches her high style or lightness of foot could suffice!  Here are our top choices for cool female guinea pig names.

  1. Buffy
  2. Cleo
  3. Eden
  4. Harley
  5. Jetta
  6. Maddie
  7. Piper
  8. Pokey
  9. Rowan
  10. Sage
  11. Skeeter
  12. Snidely
  13. Sparky
  14. Speedy
  15. Stormy
  16. Twister
  17. Whiplash
  18. Xena
  19. Zip
  20. Zippity-Doo-Dah

Flowery Female Guinea Pig Names

Your gorgeous guinea pigs are bound to be beautiful. These lovely ladies work really well with floral names that bring out their delicate and lovely natures.

Not to mention that if you look closely at your guinea’s ears, you might notice their slight resemblance to the petals of a bloom!  Check out the “garden” of botanical names below.

  1. Buttercup
  2. Chrysanthemum (Chrissy for short)
  3. Clover
  4. Daffodil
  5. Dahlia
  6. Daisy
  7. Iris
  8. Ivy
  9. Jasmine
  10. Lavender
  11. Lilac
  12. Lily
  13. Moss (Mossy)
  14. Orchid
  15. Petunia
  16. Poppy
  17. Rosebud
  18. Sunflower
  19. Tulip
  20. Willow

200 Great Girl Guinea Pig Names

Celebrity Names for Female Guinea Pigs

If your guinea pig deserves a star on Hollywood’s boardwalk, then you might name her after a celebrity’s pet! Here are some pet names favored among them.

  1. Beau (Hillary Duff)
  2. Bella (Hillary Duff)
  3. Cinnamon (Emmy Rossum)
  4. Gabbana (Khloe Kardashian)
  5. Josie (Kerry Washington)
  6. Meredith (Taylor Swift)
  7. Patter (Ellen Page)
  8. Popeye (Eva Longoria)
  9. Story (Bryce Dallas Howard)

Best Guinea Pig Names for Girls

There you have ‘em! We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our lists of female guinea pig names. These names are fun, unique, cute, and even inspirational. Hopefully, you’ve found one that describes your special furry friend(s) perfectly!

If you are looking for more inspiration, you’ll love these other list of guinea pig names we’ve already published.

Your Girl Guinea Pig Names

What’s your guinea pig called? We’d love to hear the story of how you chose their name! Let us know all about your pets, and your favorite girl name ideas, in the comments below!

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  1. A www so many adorable names . I have got 49 guinea pigs and there is one that I can’t name . She’s the odd one out . Poor little thing.

  2. Omg me and my sister just got two female Guinea pigs and there sisters their 10weeks old
    We don’t know what to call them pleas reply ill describe them

    Name…absydian it’s a light brown and black shaded into one ps very cheeky

    Name…American it’s fast sporty light and dark brown with a bit of white and a cute white patch on she’s nose

    So about spelling mistakes please reply wth some names

  3. I try to name my guinea pig with the funnest names i can think of i have a butter fingers,rams bottom, kitty, goose , piglet, stinky monkey, willy winky, tooth pick,and ugly betty

  4. My guinea pig’s names are Nala, Luna, and Willow. We have another one that we just got that looks like a panda. We are having trouble naming her. If anyone has one then please reply ASAP. Best wishes to all you piggy lovers!

  5. I need a name for my 2 new piggy’s one is fluffy with white brown and orange and a bright pink nose and the other is orange and brown with red eyes any suggestions???

  6. I just got two new guinea pigs that àre about 2 months! They are both brown black and white but in different patterns. Any suggestions?

  7. My name is em ma’at And I just brought my new born baby guinea pig home I don’t call them that they are really cavy she is only 2 months old and I can’t decide what to name her she is grey and white I have went threw every name I could think of but none of the names sticks out. Can you help with picking out a name for her would really appreciate your help in any way possible

  8. I have a female Guinea Pig ,I’ve had her for 2 years I named her Baby Dirls and it was the name of one of my favorite cats (Rip) but it fits her ,I’ve added another younger female about 6 months old and she is a little more rambunctious then Baby Dirls is but have not named her yet ,she is black and white ,any suggestions?

  9. I got two guinea pigs yesterday and one is called fluffy because she has a lot of fur and the other one is called squirrel but were wanting to change squirrels name to something else but we are not sure what to call her she is grey and very shy so if there is anybody with any good names then I would appreciate it if you could help me out, thankyou

  10. Hey,I have two guinea pigs I got a week ago. Their names are Ginger and Coconut. I think Squirrels new name should be dusty! I love that name. Dusty. 😚

  11. Absolutely love these names! I was thinking of getting two girls and my idea was Choc and Chip, then I saw ‘Chocolate & Chip’
    My head: OH MY GOSH!

  12. i think cookie for butterscotch fur jasmine for black or gray and over all i realy like teddy 4 a boy or girl
    ps i have 73 guinea pigs i get it

  13. I had a guinea pig when I was younger that I named Phoenix because she was all black except for a tiny bit of red on her nose and it made me think of Phoenix coming out of the ashes.

  14. Aww these names are amazing! I’m hoping my mom will get me one for my birthday, and would name at leats one of them Willow (I can’t decide on the second name).
    Suggestion: Add Snowball to the white ones 🙂

  15. i just got two guinea pigs and one is white and grey so i named her sugar and my second guinea pig is light brown dark brown and a little bit white so i named her cookie and now that i think about it if you put the two names together it’s sugar

  16. i have 15 guinea pigs but started off with 4. we have midnight, charlie and spot which are the 3 main males. we have margie and pochantas which are the first females. we got 5 guinea pigs in 1 night which was really cool and have a pregnet 1 now.


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