Lemon Beagle Information – 33 Fantastic Facts from History to Present Day

lemon beagle

Welcome to our fascinating selection of lemon Beagle facts! We delve into the wonderful world of lemon colored Beagles from puppy to adult, with 33 amazing facts about Beagles we bet you never knew!


A lemon Beagle puppy is one of the most sought after of all the different kinds of Beagles. Sometimes referred to as a blonde Beagle, the lemon and white Beagle’s coat is a patchwork of beautiful light tan and pale creamy white fur.

Traditionally, the dog most people know as the Beagle is strongly associated with the predominant white, brown, and black markings. (This is also known as tri-color.)

Beagle Colors

The fun and wonderful truth is that Beagle coats can grow in a variety of colors and patterns. They range from white to black to blue and many colors in between. This opens up a whole world of possibilities in terms of wonderful Beagle coat color combinations! Of all the Beagle colors lemon and white is the most likely to produce white puppies. But it’s important to note that these white puppies don’t stay white.

In most cases, a lemon-colored Beagle will be born as a pure white puppy, or a mostly white puppy with some very light lemony-tan patches. Then, as your lemon Beagle puppy grows, their coat will change and often also darken. When the puppy’s coat begins to shed at around 12 months of age, the adult coat will begin to grow in and often look quite different!

Beagles can also take quite some time to grow into their full adult coats. So don’t be surprised if your little lemon white Beagle puppy looks strikingly different as they grow up!

What is a Lemon Beagle?

In a lemon and white Beagle adult, the white color may stay white or darken into more of an ivory or cream. The lemony-tan patches may stay light or darken. But in a true lemon Beagle, the tan will always have a distinct yellow hue to it.

Now that you have a good understanding of lemon Beagle basics, let’s dive right into a treasure trove of lemon Beagle facts!

lemon beagle

Facts About Beagles and the Lemon Beagle Dog Coat Color

The facts in this section all relate to the lemon Beagle’s wonderfully distinct lemony-tan coat color!


The purebred Beagle has 11 different standard coat colors, one of which is lemon and white Beagle.

In addition, lemon is a recognized non-standard coat color.


The lemon (or lemon and white) coat color is the lightest of all the Beagle coat colors.

But the white lemon Beagle also has the darkest nose!


Even in so-called pure lemon Beagle puppies, there will always be a second color, even if seen only faintly.

This is because the Beagle is a hound.

And as such, there are always at least two colors present in the coat.

This is often called true hound color by breeders and show dog handlers.


The Beagle lemon and white is one of four coat color combinations regularly seen in dog shows.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to see an amazingly cute lemon and white Beagle show dog!


The Beagle’s lemon coat color is referred to as a bi-color coat by official Beagle breeders and Beagle dog clubs.

The lemon class is known as lemon and whites, since the precise shade of lemon can vary from light to dark.


There is also a lemon pied coloration, which is similar to the agouti pattern (stripes).

Lemon pied Beagles have a distinctive nose that breeders call the butterfly nose.

The center of the nose is paler than the edges.


Beagle breeders are careful to point out that lemon-colored Beagle puppies may still inherit other coat color genes from either parent dog.

This can mean the adult Beagle color may range:

  • pure white
  • light lemon white
  • lemon pied
  • liver lemon
  • red
  • other variations as well.

This is quite similar to how a person can be blond, strawberry blond, dirty blond, and many more shades of blond.


Because the lemon or lemon white Beagle coat color is less common, you may find their price higher than for more common coat colors.

Although this is not always the case.

Lemon Beagle Dogs in History

Throughout history, famous artists, scientists, poets and canines have owed their existence to the patronage of royalty.

The lemon Beagle is no exception.

lemon beagle


The first famous Beagles were the pint-sized charges of none other than Queen Elizabeth I.

In her own way, she can claim partial credit for the worldwide love we feel for these pups today!


The first Beagles were called pocket Beagles because they were teensy enough to fit in the pocket of your sweater!


The formal name for these tiny cuties is Olde English Pocket Beagle.

They have their own registry, which was established in 2000.

While a lemon pocket Beagle is still a less common coat color, it certainly does occur.


The first-ever written reference to a pocket Beagle was made during the Elizabethan era.

Likely due to Queen Elizabeth I’s fondness for these pint-sized pups.

The Queen was rumored to keep an entire pack of pocket Beagles.

Although historians of her time didn’t think to mention whether any of these little ones favored the distinctive lemon coat color!

At that time, the nickname pocket referred to a gauntlet (a long, loose, and sometimes armored glove) rather than today’s common shirt, pants, or coat pocket.


Even Beagle scholars are not sure where the dog breed name came from.

It is thought that the word Beagle either arose from an Old English or a French word, spelled either “begle” or “beeguelle.”

It meant anything from “to gape or open wide” to “a noisy, shouting person.”

Beagle lovers insist this is a term of endearment that relates to their beloved hounds’ tendency toward musical howling rather than barking.


By some accounts, the Beagle breed (coat color unknown) can be traced back as far as the fifth century B.C.E.

They accompanied their Greek masters on hunting treks!

Although we’re not sure whether this is verified…

Working Lemon Beagles

The lemon-colored Beagle is unique among Beagles for its lovely and distinctive coat coloration.

But there is more to the lemon white Beagle than just its fashion-forward fur!

lemon beagle


Lemon Beagle dogs make caring and attentive service dogs for individuals who need a canine friend they can rely on.


Lemon white Beagle dogs are also very talented scent hounds.

They enthusiastically offer their sniffing skills to hunters, herders, and even the U.S. Customs agency!


All Beagles, even including lemon Beagle mix breed dogs, are classified as scent hounds.

This means their nose is their strongest asset, making them an excellent choice for any work that involves sniffing.


U.S. Customs & Border Protection so admires the Beagle’s keen sniffer that in 1984, it established its Beagle Brigade to sniff out contraband.

Today, you may find any color of Beagle training for their job at the USDA National Detector Dog Training Center (NDDTC).


As outlined in the UK Beagle Standard, the tail of a Beagle is called the stern (similar to the back part of a ship).

The purebred standard calls for the tip of the stern to be white regardless of what Beagle coat color.


The white tip on the Beagle’s tail serves as a flag hunters can see when hunting with their Beagle hound!


The Beagle, lemon or otherwise, is considered a great choice for a hunting dog that is also mellow and social enough to be a great family pet dog.

In fact, the Beagle is still holding its own in the AKC’s top five most popular pet dogs in the nation!


The lemon Beagle temperament is

  • enthusiastic
  • energetic
  • social
  • playful
  • affectionate
  • great with young kids and other pets
  • keen to hunt, run, and exercise.

One challenge all Beagle owners share is managing the Beagle’s desire to follow her keen sniffer anywhere and everywhere!


Lemon Beagles and lemon mix Beagles can make wonderful therapy and service dogs for children and adults.

They have such outgoing, loving, and enthusiastic personalities.

Plus they take well to training because they love the interaction with people.


Beagles can make challenging pets for owners who must be out of the home many hours per day.

They tend to display their loneliness by howling loudly and remodeling the furniture.

There is good news, however.

If you love Beagles and want to be a part of lemon Beagle rescue, there are ones all across the nation that work with lemon and white Beagles.

This includes puppies, adult dogs, and senior Beagles.

Lemon Beagle Health

Like all purebred dogs, the Beagle has certain known health issues that have come to be associated with the breed.

This shouldn’t be a deterrent in purchasing a lemon white Beagle or participating in Beagle rescue by adopting one of these cute and affectionate dogs.

But it is good to know about possible health concerns.

Whenever possible, consider genetic testing before committing to a lifelong relationship with a Beagle puppy!

lemon beagle


Purebred and Beagle mix dogs can be prone to certain blood disorders, including pyruvate kinase deficiency and immunoglobulin A deficiency.


Obesity in Beagles is sadly fairly common.

Starting from the time they can eat on their own, Beagle lemon puppies and all Beagle dogs seem to fall in love with eating.

They love it so much, they will happily eat themselves into obesity.

Unless their diet is closely monitored and balanced with sufficient exercise.


Ethical and responsible lemon Beagle breeders will ensure their parent dogs are screened for known Beagle health issues.

These can include

  • epilepsy
  • hypothyroidism
  • cherry eye
  • glaucoma
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • corneal dystrophy
  • distichiasis.

Celebrity Lemon Beagle Dogs

Life as a celebrity canine is good. You are always front and center in photo shoots.

Paparazzi follows you wherever you go, and sometimes you even get to go into outer space!


One of the most famous internet canine celebs is named Maymo the yellow Beagle.

One of Maymo’s many claims to fame is his ability to flawlessly impersonate other life forms, including deer, owls, and even pandas!


The most famous Beagle dog of all is Snoopy (of the “Peanuts” cartoon created by Charles Schulz).

Snoopy was a classic tri-color Beagle, not a lemon, but he became so famous that he even went into space with NASA.

There is an exhibition of this now memorialized at the Schulz Museum.

Lemon Beagle Dogs Around the World

The lemon Beagle sure has traveled a long way from his humble working dog roots in Olde England!

lemon beagle


Today’s Beagle is a face that is recognized in show business, hunting trials, breeder blogs, and dog lovers’ couches around the world.


They are subject to different show dog breed standards based on whether they are competing in America or England.

Like many purebred dog breeds, the Beagle has been separated into two classes:

Field/pack or conformation (show), according to the National Beagle Club.


According to the Beagle Club of NSW (Australia), Beagle colors lemon & white are becoming more popular, as more people become aware of this coat option.


The lemon-colored Beagle is becoming sufficiently known today that it is even mentioned as a coat color choice by the Beagle Association of Guatena – South Africa!

Lemon Beagle Vs Beagle

There really isn’t much difference between a lemon Beagle vs Beagle of any other color. It’s all about that gorgeous lemon coat color. And beagle with different colored coats have not been linked to any differences in temperament and size. That could change in time if lemon Beagle breeders were to exclude other colors from their lines for many generations. But for now, a lemon Beagle is a Beagle through and through!

Lemon Beagle Dog Facts

As these fun dog facts can attest, lemon Beagle dogs are especially cute and unique.

And they can also make the best companions in work and in life!


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