The Best Brush for Yorkies and Their Lovely Long Fur

best brush for yorkies

Looking for the best brush for Yorkies? Then look no further!

We’ve found the top choices on the market right now and looked at which will get the job done right.

One of the top 10 most popular breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier is a lot of personality crammed into a little dog.

Averaging at five to seven pounds, this adorable breed of terrier is most well known for their glossy, hair-like coat.

Yorkies are typically hypoallergenic. Yorkie coats are actually more like human hair than typical dog fur.

Normal dog fur grows out to only a specific length and then is either shed or brushed out. Yorkie hair is unique in that it doesn’t tend to behave this way.

Caring for a Yorkie includes a strict grooming regimen of regular brushing and trimming of their coat.

Maintenance of a Yorkie’s coat is essential for their health and well-being, and a thoroughly non-negotiable aspect of owning one of these plucky terriers.

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What Is the Best Brush for Yorkies Hair?

There are two basic types of coats you will see in adult Yorkshire Terriers.

The silky coat is the AKC standard. This coat type is best seen in AKC show dogs.

Long, straight, and glossy, this coat style requires careful grooming and consistent maintenance.

Next there is the wire coat. This coat style has a fluffy, woolly look, with curly or wavy hair.

Textured and thicker than the silky coat, the wire coat generally does not grow past a few inches.

However this coat style is more prone to matting and must still be brushed and groomed regularly.

Whether you choose to groom your Yorkie yourself or take your pup to a professional groomer, you’ll still need to perform daily brushing.

Yorkie Grooming Tools

To get any job done well and right, you need the proper tools.

Yorkie brushes and combs are essential tools for caring for your terrier’s coat, and come in a wide selection of styles, prices, and functions.

Let’s take a closer look at the basic, necessary grooming tools you’ll need for your Yorkie.

best brush for yorkies

Yorkie Hair Brush

Essential for combating tangles and matting before they begin, a good brush is important for keeping your Yorkie’s coat glossy and smooth.

However, not all brushes are created equal. Along with making sure you have the right types of brushes, you’ll want to make sure you select high-quality tools.

To make sure you have a good understanding of what different kinds of brushes you need, we’re going to talk about a few different types.

Best Brush for Yorkies – The Slicker Brush

Is the slicker brush the best brush for Yorkies?

A slicker brush is a traditional grooming tool with fine wire bristles, which are used to remove loose hair, dirt, and other debris from the dog’s coat.

While it can be used to remove matted fur or hair, a slicker brush can be harsh on a dog’s skin and should be used with care.

Slicker brushes are good for both short and long coats and are considered an essential item to have in a grooming kit.

Here are a few good choices for a slicker brush for your Yorkie.

Hertzko – Self Cleaning Slicker Brush*(paid link)

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The Pet Portal – Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush*(paid link)

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Best Brush for Yorkies – The Pin Brush

Another contender in the best brush for Yorkies is the pin brush.

A pin brush is different than a slicker brush in a few ways. Pin brushes have a protective ball at the end of each pin to prevent scratching the dog’s skin.

This is a popular style of brush due to the wide gaps between the pins, which allow for brushing with less risk of damaging the dog’s coat.

A pin brush may not be as effective on shorter coats nor is it as effective at removing tangles as a slicker brush.

However, it is significantly more gentle on the skin than a slicker brush and can be used on long coats with ease.

A pin brush is also less likely to cause any static charge while brushing and is a good choice for a smaller breed like a Yorkie.

Static electricity build up in a Yorkie’s coat will cause the pup’s coat to get frizzy.

This may seem silly at first, but the frizz easily transforms into tangles, which completely defeats the point of brushing.

We did some research for you, and these are great examples of the kinds of available pin brushes that would be appropriate for grooming a Yorkie.

Safari Pin Brush for Dogs*(paid link)

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Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools – Pin Brush*(paid link)

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Best Brush for Yorkies – The Bristle Brush

Another option is the bristle brush, or boar bristle brush.

It is a great addition to a grooming kit.

It works well for smoothing shorter, curly coats, removing debris and dead hair, and creating a smooth, glossy shine.

Check out these bristle brushes we’ve found that have great reviews.

Safari Bristle Brush for Dogs*(paid link)

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Conair Bristle Brush*(paid link)

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Yorkie Combs

A good brush or two is not the only tool you need to have in your arsenal of grooming supplies. Combs are a vital component of Yorkie care and grooming.

Like brushes, there are many different kinds of combs. Different combs perform distinct tasks.

Here are some of the basic combs that you’ll want to consider for taking care of your Yorkie.

Best Comb for Yorkies – The Steel Comb

Or is the best brush for Yorkies actually a steel comb?

This style of comb has two or more different spacings of teeth on the same comb. Normally you’ll see wider spacing on one end, with closer spacing on the other.

There are many types and brands of steel combs. These combs are occasionally referred to as Greyhound combs.

Greyhound combs were a specific brand of high-quality steel grooming comb made in England and exported to Belgium.

While the original Greyhound combs are no longer being produced, there are still many affordable steel combs that will fit your budget and leave your Yorkie’s coat glistening.

Because there are so many brands of steel comb, you must be sure to get a quality comb that won’t scratch or irritate the dog’s skin.

It also needs to be strong enough to hold up to use without bending or rusting.

Here are some affordable and effective examples of this style of steel comb.

Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb*(paid link)

(paid link)

Hertzko 2 Pack Pet Combs*(paid link)

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Best Comb for Yorkies – The Face and Finishing Comb

This type of comb is essential for dealing with the fine, delicate fur on your Yorkie’s face and feet.

The tight teeth and small comb allow for detail work around these sensitive areas.

If you want your Yorkie to look and feel their best, this comb is an important addition to your tool collection.

Here are some examples of finishing combs for you check out.

Master Grooming Tools Face & Finishing Comb*(paid link)

(paid link)

Li’l Pals Double Side Comb*(paid link)

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Best Comb for Yorkies – The Dematting Comb

Hopefully you’ll never need this comb, but it’s best to have one on hand just in case.

If your Yorkie manages to get their hair matted, and the regular brushing and combing isn’t getting the job done, then a dematting comb can save the day.

Unlike a regular comb, a dematting comb is specially designed with built-in blades for cutting through hair and fur mats.

Because using a bladed dematting comb can leave your Yorkie’s fur different lengths, many people prefer not to use them except as a last resort for removing stubborn mats.

Here are a few of the best dematting combs we’ve found.

Safari Dematting Comb*(paid link)

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Hertzco Mat Remover*(paid link)

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Dematting Spray & Conditioners

While not a brush or comb, it is essential that you use a good conditioner spray while grooming your Yorkie with any of the above styles of brushes and combs.

Using a quality detangler and conditioner will not only make your Yorkie’s hair shiny, clean, and healthy, it makes grooming oh-so-much easier.

We checked out some of the most popular brands for dematting and conditioning products.

There is a great variety of products out there that can meet the needs of any budget and every preference.

TropiClean D-Mat Pet Tangle Remover*(paid link)

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BioSilk Therapy for Dogs*(paid link)

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Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine*(paid link)

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How to Groom a Yorkie

Once you’ve got your hands on the best brush for Yorkies, you’ll need to know how to use it!

One of the most important things to remember is that, regardless of which type of coat your Yorkie has, never brush them dry!

Grooming a Yorkie’s coat dry is asking for breakage and fly-away hairs. Dry brushing will create frizzy, dull coats.

Before grooming your Yorkie, make sure to give them at least a quick spritz with a mixture of water and conditioner.

You can continue to use conditioning spray as you work, a little goes a long way.

Spray a little conditioner into your palm and work it into your Yorkie’s coat, focusing on any matted or tangled spots.

Combing Before Brushing

The process for both coat types is the same: combing then brushing.

Combing is an important pre-brush step. It untangles and separates the hairs, where a brush would snag, pull, and break them.

Using a high quality comb first will prepare your Yorkie’s coat for the deeper grooming of brushes.

Always remember to comb before brushing!

Yorkshire Terrier Silky Coat Grooming

Being the higher maintenance of the two coats, you’ll want to make sure your Yorkie is relaxed and comfortable while being groomed.

One of the best techniques for brushing a silky coat is called line brushing.

Have your dog lie down on their side, and make sure they are relaxed and calm.

Start near the bottom third of their body. Use a steel comb to gently comb a horizontal section of hair up and out to break up any mats or tangles.

Once the coat is smooth, brush the hair back down.

Now, move up to the next third of their body and begin on the next horizontal section of hair the same way.

Your pup should look fluffy once this process is finished on both sides of their body.

Here is a fantastic example of line brushing done on a Sheltie. The technique is the same for Yorkies.

Yorkshire Terrier Wire Coat Grooming

While not as flashy as the luxurious locks of the silky coat, the wire hair coat still requires plenty of maintenance and care.

Make sure to brush your Yorkie’s coat every few days, minimum. Even a wire hair Yorkie should be brushed two to three times a week.

Carefully inspect the dog’s hair for any matting, especially in the friction areas such as the groin, armpits, behind the tail where the dog sits, and where they wear a collar or harness.

Start by using the wide-toothed steel comb to carefully check the entire coat for any additional mats or tangles.

If you find any mats, gently work through them with your fingers and comb, using detangler spray if necessary.

Stubborn mats may require a dematting comb or being shaved out with clippers. This can be done at home or by a visit to a professional groomer.

Lastly, use a pin or slicker brush. Brush with the hair not against it.

Be careful with a slicker brush, and don’t brush over the same area more than a few times. Overbrushing with a slicker brush can scratch and irritate your Yorkie’s skin.

Finish with a bristle brush to smooth out the last hairs and make your Yorkie’s coat shine!

The Best Brush for Yorkies and How to Use It

A Yorkshire Terrier comes with a high-maintenance coat.

Yorkie hair is more like human hair than traditional dog fur. Their coat requires consistent maintenance with brushing, combing, and grooming.

Keeping your Yorkie’s coat clean and groomed will prevent uncomfortable matting and tangling.

Investing in the right tools for your Yorkie’s grooming is very important.

Even if you take your Yorkie to a professional groomer, you will still need to brush and comb their coat regularly.

A Yorkshire Terrier is a bright and lively companion that is sure to bring joy to their human families.

The extra maintenance of keeping their coats healthy, clean, and groomed is absolutely worth having such amazing and spunky companions.

Do you have a favorite tool or technique for keeping your Yorkie’s coat impeccable? Why not let us know which one you love in the comments section below!

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