Best Brush For Golden Retrievers – Top Choices For Their Lovely Coats

best brush for golden retrievers

The best brush for Golden Retrievers keeps their long coats knot free. But it is also gentle on their delicate skin.

There are lots of brushes out there. So choosing the best one can be pquite tough.

But don’t worry!

We’ve found the top options for your best friend all in one place. Which one will you choose?

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Do Golden Retrievers Need Brushing?

The next time you see someone walking a Golden Retriever, ask them if their dog sheds. Then prepare for a long answer because Golden Retriever shedding is nothing to take lightly.

If you share your home with a Golden Retriever right now, of course you already know this.

When it comes to shedding, Golden Retrievers are five-star overachievers, Olympic gold medalists and world champions.

So you’ll definitely need to find the best brush for Golden Retrievers.

Coat Blow

Twice a year at the changing of the seasons, Golden Retrievers do something called a “coat blow.”

This is when the coat falls out in clumps to fully replenish itself.

So while Golden Retrievers need brushing all year long, your dog needs extra brushing during these seasonal sheds.

Scent Rolling

For newbie Golden owners, remember Golden Retrievers are known for finding lovely (horrid) things on the lawn to roll in.

This behavior, called “scent rolling,” may seem strange to you, but your dog just loves it.

When this happens, your nose will tell you, and chances are good your pup will need a thorough bath as well as a good brushing.

What Types of Fur Do Golden Retrievers Have?

The Golden Retriever represents a careful and deliberate effort on the part of breeders to produce a gun dog with a hardy constitution.

They have notable tolerance for wet weather and an irrepressible work ethic.

To this end, the Golden Retriever has a unique double-layer coat.

The top layer is coarse, medium length, wavy and water-resistant.

The lower layer is soft, downy, thick, very warm and insulating.

What This Coat Means!

So when you shiver while you watch your Golden take an enthusiastic running leap into a frigid lake, know that your dog basically jumped in with a waterproof winter coat on.

But this specialized coat also contributes to your dog’s shedding and your continuous brushing duties.

Dogs with double-layer coats like Golden Retrievers shed more than pups with single-layer coats.

best brush for golden retrievers

How Often Should You Brush a Golden Retriever?

For much of the year, Golden Retriever owners report that a once or twice-weekly thorough brushing is typically enough to keep shed hair under control.

During the seasonal “coat blow” sheds, however, you can expect to need—and want—to find time to brush your dog daily.

You also need to use specialized tools (more on this in a moment here) that can trap hair before it falls out.

This helps you keep everything you own from turning a suspicious shade of golden.

Best Brush for Golden Retrievers

In this section, we take a look at the best brush for Golden Retrievers for brushing year-round and during the seasonal sheds.

We also look at some grooming accessories to make maintenance brushing easier.

De-Tangling Spray

So brushes are great for de-tangling our dog’s fur. But sometimes it can still be pretty tough!

If your Golden Retriever is really prone to knotted or tangled fur, you should consider de-tangling sprays.

Even if you’ve already got the best brush for Golden Retrievers, this can always help!

BioSilk Therapy Detangling Mist

BioSilk Therapy Detangling Plus Shine Protecting Mist for Dogs* is great!

This human-grade detangling spray is pH balanced for a dog’s skin.

Espree Detangling Spray

Espree Detangling and De-matting Spray* helps to make knots and tangles a thing of the past!

This tear-free, gentle formula is made from organic aloe vera.

Best Brush for Golden Retrievers – Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are some of the best brushes for Golden retrievers. They have fine-toothed bristles on a large surface area.

This is great for digging deep into your Golden’s long fur, to get those knots that are further in.

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

You want a self-cleaning slicker brush* for a large dog like a Golden.

One push of a button and all that trapped hair just ejects into the waste bin.

This brush is neat because it has a special contour that conforms to your dog’s body curves as you brush.

Hertzko Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Slicker Brush* gets top marks for grip comfort, durability and cleaning ease.

It also features a handy self-cleaning button.

Best Brush for Golden Retrievers – Undercoat Rake

An Undercoat Rake is another best brush for Golden Retrievers. This choice is great for digging out loose fur from your dog’s undercoat.

Long-Tined Undercoat Rake

This long-tined undercoat rake with round-tip tines* is a good fit for dogs with medium-hair coats.

Just like the Golden Retriever!

Round-Tip Pin Undercoat Rake

This popular undercoat rake* features round-tip pins that can rotate 360 degrees to ease out mats and tangles.

This ergonomic grip brush does so without tugging on your dog’s sensitive skin.

Best Brush for Golden Retrievers – Stainless Steel Comb

Stainless Steel combs are great for dogs with long fur like the Golden Retriever.

This is the best brush for Golden Retriever areas like their face and their tails. As they have narrow tines that can work out those smaller tangles.

Sturdy Steel Comb

This sturdy, durable, high-quality steel comb* has narrow tines on one end for tending to smaller areas like the face and tail.

The tines are wider on the other end to work on larger areas like the body.

Double Sided Comb

This double-sided comb* has narrower tines on one side and wider tines on the other for combing through different areas on your dog’s face and body.

Best Brush for Golden Retrievers – Pin and Bristle Brush

Choosing between lots of different brushes is hard. So why not get a combo!

Perhaps the best brush for Golden Retrievers combines two types of brushes!

Oster Combo Brush

The Oster Combo Brush for Dogs* is great!

This smoothing brush features an ergonomic handle, round-tip pins and sturdy bristles.

At Ease Accents Natural Bamboo Brush

Why not try the At Ease Accents Natural Bamboo Pin and Bristle Brush*.

This natural bamboo wood pin and bristle brush features rounded pins and natural bristles to shine and smooth your dog’s coat.

How to Brush a Golden Retriever

Unlike some dog breeds (the Poodle springs to mind here), learning how to brush a Golden Retriever is relatively straightforward—as long as you have the right grooming tools.

With the right brush and grooming accessories on hand, you should find it is smooth sailing to brush and groom your dog’s coat and keep it clean, healthy and tangle-free.

Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a basic step-by-step to brush your Golden Retriever.

  1. Start with your slicker brush.
  2. Brush from the skin outward, starting at the top and working your way down.
  3. Stop where you find any tangles or mats.
  4. Carefully work them out with de-tangling spray and your fingers.
  5. If a mat is too dense to work out without causing pain, use shears to gently cut it out of your dog’s coat.
  6. For heavy shedding times, follow the slicker brush with an undercoat rake, brushing in the same pattern.
  7. This will remove lots of shed hair to reduce your cleaning chores.
  8. Use the undercoat rake gently to reach all the way down to the skin. You don’t want to abrade your dog’s skin.

Bathing Golden Retrievers

If you want to bathe your Golden Retriever, now is a good time.

Apply conditioner and/or de-tangling spray after bathing to help with the post-bath blow-dry and brush-out.

Use a stainless steel grooming comb to groom close areas such as the face and muzzle, ears, paw pads and backs of the legs.

Do any trimming, nail clipping, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, anal gland expressing or other maintenance tasks that need to be done.

Go over the coat a final time with a pin and bristle brush to add body and shine.

Golden Retriever Brushing Video

This video shows you the brass tacks of brushing out your Golden Retriever’s coat for maintenance grooming.

Golden Retriever Haircuts

Part of the necessary learning curve all new Golden Retriever owners go through is figuring out how to care for all that hair.

One common misconception is that it is better as well as easier to just shave a Golden Retriever or clip the coat really close.

But this decision can actually put your dog in some degree of danger on several levels.

What Their Coat is For

First, that thick coat is just as insulating against heat as it is against cold.

Your dog needs this specialized coat all year round.

Second, your Golden Retrievers actually doesn’t sweat through the skin.

Rather, Golden Retrievers, like all canines, sweat through their paw pads.

So clipping back or shaving the coat won’t help your dog endure the hot summer any easier.

But it will put your dog at much greater risk of sunburn and eventual skin cancer.

Places to Trim Their Coats

The only areas where you may want to give your dog’s coat a little strategic trim are:

  • around the feet and paw pads to keep tangles at bay
  • inside the ears for better air circulation to guard against ear infection
  • under and around the tail area to prevent issues with soiled fur.

If you plan to show your Golden Retriever, you may want to do a bit more trimming just prior to show time (this useful visual how-to guide can walk you through the basics).

Other Dog Brushes

If you have other dogs who are suffering from the same grooming issues, check out our helpful brush guides below:

Best Dog Brush For Golden Retriever

We hope that after reading through this focused article, you are more confident about brushing and grooming your Golden Retriever’s thick, luxurious coat.

Do you have a favorite Golden Retriever brush or grooming tool? Please share your picks in the comments.

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