Can Hamsters Eat Mealworms?

can hamsters eat mealworms?

Welcome to our complete guide to hamsters and mealworms! We are here to answer that all-important question—can hamsters eat mealworms safely?

In this article we will be letting you know all about how to feed hamsters this wonderful form of protein….

Which probably gives you a pretty good indication of what our answer might be!

Can hamsters eat mealworms?

Have you been thinking about what would make a nutritious addition to your hamster’s diet?

can hamsters eat mealworms

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We have the answers to all of your hamster mealworm questions.

Can hamsters can eat mealworms? Are mealworms bad for hamsters? If so, are mealworms even safe for hamsters? And are mealworms actually good for hamsters?

Let’s find out!

Did you know that domestic hamsters eat what their wild counterparts would normally eat?

So what is their natural diet?

Their natural diet consists of seeds, oats, wheat, barley, and the occasional cricket and worm.

So does this include mealworms in particular? Let’s find out.

Mealworms for hamsters

Mealworms for hamsters can be a nutritious addition to their diet. And they can be quite healthy if given in moderation.

meal worms for hamsters

So, how do you feed them mealworms and what forms do they come in?

There are a couple of ways to feed hamsters mealworms.

The mealworms can be alive or dead!

Living mealworms are a little more challenging to find than the dried variety. You may be able to find them at your local pet store, but we recommend calling them first before you make the trip .

For the most part, dried mealworms for hamsters are a popular choice and many hamsters like them in that form. Plus, they are much easier to find. You can even order them online.

Hatortempt makes a highly rated 5 pound bag of mealworms that would be great for your hamster.

Can hamsters eat mealworms

If you are looking for a much smaller amount of mealworms to start out with, Kaytee Mealworms offers a smaller pouch.

can hamsters eat mealworms

So you can see if your hamster likes eating mealworms before making a bigger purchase and risking having an awful lot of left over mealworms lying around!

Are mealworms bad for hamsters?

So we know that hamsters can eat mealworms, and that they are normally okay. But are mealworms bad for hamsters in any circumstances?

Well, technically yes. You can have too much of a good thing.

If you overfeed your hamster mealworms and they eat little to nothing else, that would not be a well balanced diet for them.

For the most part, they need to be eating their own special hamster food mix, which is nutritionally complete.

Plus, mealworms are high in protein and fat and your hamster could become overweight and suffer from the effects of obesity, which is not something you want.

So feed them mealworms in moderation. Two mealworms every other day would be fine for a Syrian hamster. One every other day for a smaller or dwarf breed.

Observe if there are any changes to your pet’s body composition.

If you notice your hamster is getting heavy due to the additional mealworms, you will want to cut back on the amount you give.

Are mealworms safe for hamsters?

Can hamsters eat mealworms safely? The answer is a definite yes.

Dried mealworms for hamsters are especially safe for your hamsters.

Live mealworms, on the other hand, present a challenge. Since they are alive, they can bite.

meal worms for hamsters

If your hamster eats a live worm, he is likely to stuff it into his cheek pouch.

The live worm could then chomp down into the cheek pouch and harm your little hamster.

So what should you do if you want to feed your hamster live worms safely?

It may sound gross, but people have reported crushing the worm’s head first, before feeding it to their hamster.

If you are that adamant about giving your hamster live mealworms, we recommend following that extra step.

But it’s probably a lot easier, as well as safer, to use dried mealworms instead.

Are mealworms good for hamsters?

So the answer to ‘can hamsters eat mealworms’ is a resounding yes. But are they good for them?

Mealworms in moderation are a wonderful and nutritious addition to your hamsters diet. They provide extra protein, fat, and fiber.

Mealworms are also rich in saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

Monounsaturated fats can protect against heart disease, improve insulin sensitivity, strengthen bones, and improve mood.

Do hamsters eat mealworms – do they like the taste?

Many hamsters do enjoy the taste of mealworms, while others do not.

And there is nothing wrong with your hamster if he does not find mealworms appealing.

You can try again in a few months if you like, but otherwise there are plenty of other treats your hamster will love.

Summary – Can hamsters eat mealworms?

We have seen the health benefits that mealworms pack. It is full of protein and has the wonderful substance, monounsaturated fatty acids, which protect against heart disease, strengthens bones, and improves mood.

So the answer to can hamsters eat mealworms is for sure a yes.

What are your experiences?

Have you tried feeding mealworms, live or dried, to your hamster? How did it go?

Did he or she like it, or ignore it completely? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below!


  1. Well I’m thinking about trying out meal worms for my hamster I seen people giving their hamster meal worms on YouTube so I thought they would be fine but I wanted to make sure so I came to this website. At my local store there is meal worms in the pet section so should I get some or not they are good one because they are dried and those ones are the best so should I get them or not?

  2. We’ve had our little female hamster for just over 48 hrs now and I fed her dried mealworms last night as my lovely local pet shop said they love them…and she does!!! I was able to pick her up for the first time this morning by placing a few dried worms on my palm and she hopped on and I was able to lift her out and have our first cuddle!! I’m thrilled!

  3. Im really happy to hear how good they are for hamsters considering I just feed one to my hamster ( it was a live one) and she absolutely loved it I’ll feed her one every other day like this article said. I’m so happy that I found something so good for my hammy. Thanks

  4. I feed fluffy mealworms and it’s fluffy’s favourite food. She just gobbles it all up in 10 seconds flat . I only feed it 2 a day .

  5. My two dwarf hamsters LOVED the mealworms, especially the female dwarf hamster. I’m glad I bought it since they liked it that much.

  6. I just bought a big bag of meal worms for the first time for my pet chicken she ate a couple and walked away however this is after she just finished breakfast so we’ll see later on when see gets hungry again and I mix them with her food.
    I have a Syrian and a dwarf hamster and I’ll be finding out about their attitude with them when they wake up.

  7. Tried my Hamster with a Couple of Mealworms, and he just looked at them looked at us as much as to say what the hell are they, and then walked away in disgust.

  8. My hamster loves most foods. Tried her with a dried mealworm and she barely acknowledged it. Completely turned her head away.

  9. My dwarf hamster loves eating mealworms. I feed them to him live because I also own a leopard gecko which also requires mealworms. For live ones, I highly recommend cutting their heads off (I know, super gross, but after a while it’s not that bad) to prevent any biting in their cheeks. This applies to me especially since my hamster tends to store them in his cheeks and then eat them later on. It’s not BAD if you forget to “behead” them, but just to avoid any discomfort I recommend it.

  10. I got some meal worms that aren’t dried off amazon that I keep in the fridge and my Syrian LOVES them. I feed him two every other day and it works perfectly. If you don’t want live, I highly recommend the ones on amazon, they’re only $3.00.

  11. So yesterday one of my friends came to my house with lettuce,dead meal worm maybe dried,and alive meal worm muffin happily ate all of them now I’m thinking to get some dried ones because something bad could happen.also he has inherited his fathers infected eye and I’ve been cleaning it for a month and it never worked should I keep doing it or should I just hope it’ll get better soon or should I do nothing?

  12. I fed Peanut, my winter white, mealworms for the first time yesterday. They were the first thing he chose and he gobbled them all up (or could have stuffed them into his cheeks). If I had read this article beforehand, I would have given him only one instead of three.

  13. My dwarf hamster loves mealworms!! He recently tried it out. He is already 5 months old and never had a mealworm before as my mom said that they looked gross. The truth is, it actually isn’t. It is definitely worth it to see your hamster enjoying a little piece of mealworm. After much begging, my mom finally allowed me to purchase a bag of mealworms. He loves to gobble them down right on the spot–he doen’t pouch them. I heard that most syrians do not enjoy mealworms but dwarf hamsters do. Not sure if it is true or not….

  14. I had a hamster that lived to 6 1/2 years old. We fed her live meal worms once a week. She did not put the in her pouch, but would hold them like an icecream cone and munch on them one at a time. Great hamster, never known another like her.


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