Albino Rat Facts: 32 Awesome Facts About White Rats with Pink Eyes

awesome facts about albino rats

An albino rat is a white rat with red eyes. They are smart, affectionate, social and active creatures. Albino rats make great family pets for older kids to adults. With regularly handling and lots of space they quickly become very tame and friendly. Today we’ll look at where albino rat pups come from, how they are bred and how to raise your own baby pink eyed white rat. Learn dozens of fascinating albino rat facts and get your albino rat questions answered here!


Pet rats are amazing companions if kept properly. Although they have relatively short lifespans, during the time they are with you they bond very strongly to you and each other. They are playful, funny and have their own distinctive personalities. Albino rat pups are popular for their unusual and striking looks, as well as their gentle natures.

What is an Albino Rat?

The white rat or albino rat is a breed without the color pigment melanin. Albinism is a genetic mutation that occasionally appears in rats and other animals in the wild.

This affectionate and intelligent white rat with red eyes has been our beloved pet for centuries. And, few rats are as iconic as the albino rat, with its snowy white fur and famous pink eyes.

Normally, a pure white animal is vulnerable to predators. But rare white albino wild rats were often trapped and kept as pets.

Over the years, this white rat with red eyes has become more popular. This is because the white fur and pink eyes have been cultivated in domestic (or “fancy”) rats as a desired characteristic.

Albino Rat Facts

Are you a fan of albino rats? Here are some fascinating facts about them, perfect for any rat lover!

1. Albino rats are also called “PEWs”

PEW stands for Pink-Eyed White, a common name for these rats among fanciers and breeders.

2. The albino rat is a type of Norway rat

The albino’s scientific name is the same as the Norway rat: Rattus norvegicus.

All domestic rats, including albinos, belong to this one species.

albino rat

3. The first scientific description of an albino rat appeared in 1553

Swiss naturalist Conrad Gesner is believed to have written the first scientific description of a wild albino Norway rat in 1553.

It’s said he wrote it when saw two of these rats in a cemetery.

4. Albino rats spend most of the daytime hours asleep

A study of 20 male albino rats found that, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., the rats spent 76% of the day sleeping and 24% of the time awake.

New owners should be aware that rats are largely nocturnal animals and are active at night.

5. The pink of an albino rat’s eyes is not an actual eye color

Why are an albino rat’s eyes pink? An albino animal has no pigmentation in its hair or eyes, so the pink that you see is not eye color.

What you are really seeing is the color of the blood vessels inside the rat’s eyes.

6. Only pure white rats with pink eyes can be classified as albino

The official PEW standard calls for bright white fur with no hint of yellow, and medium pink (but not ruby red) eyes.

Pure white fur with no tinge of cream or yellow is the mark of a true white albino and not just a light-colored fancy rat.

7. A group of rats (including albinos) is called a “mischief”

More fun names: male albino rats are called bucks, females are called does, and pregnant or parenting females are called dams.

Baby rats are referred to as either kittens or pups.

8. Albinos were the first pet rats

White rats born to wild brown rats were trapped and kept as pets beginning in the 1700s.

Most albino rats would not survive in the wild because their white fur makes them easier to see and more vulnerable to attack by predators than ones with dark fur.

But our pets live a much safer life than those in the wild.

9. Rats, including albino rats, dream about what they did when awake

A study of rat brain waves while they were running a maze and later while asleep showed such similar patterns that the scientists could tell not only that the rats were dreaming of the maze, but even which parts of the maze they were dreaming about.

albino rats

10. Some Pink-Eyed White rats will sway back and forth

Owners notice that their pets sometimes sway or rock back and forth. Because they, and especially albino rats, have weak eyesight, they use this swaying movement to help them detect motion in their environment.

11. Albino rats share the albinism mutation with other animals, including humans

What exactly are rat albinos? Albinism is the lack of color pigmentation in an organism.

In mammals like rats, this genetic mutation expresses itself as white hair and pink eyes.

Besides mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, and even plants can be albino, too.

12. Rat albinism is the first animal mutation intentionally cultivated by humans

The albino mutation is common in many kinds of animals. But rat experts say that albinism in rats is likely the first genetic mutation that was purposely bred by humans in domestic animals.

13. Albino (and other) rats can have as many as 16 pups in a litter

They can also start breeding as young as 2½ months of age.

A female rat can give birth to her next litter when the first pups are just 21 days old.

It is possible for one pair of rats to generate 15,000 descendants in one year!

14. Albino rats have weaker eyesight than other rats.

Are they blind? They are not blind by nature, but pink-eyed rats do have a harder time seeing than ruby or black-eyed rats.

Rats generally don’t have the best eyesight in the animal kingdom, and they rely on their other senses to compensate for this.

15. Albino rats compensate for poor eyesight with their other senses

Because albinos can have weak eyesight, they depend on their senses of smell, hearing, and touch to help them navigate their environment.

Like cats, they can use their facial whiskers to help them feel around. As they’re so dependent on their whiskers, you’ll rarely catch rats out in the open. They tend to stick close to walls and corners — surfaces their whiskers can feel.

16. Albino rats can have red tears

It is a myth that these little animals bleed from their eyes. But occasionally they do secrete an organic compound called porphyrin from a gland near the eye called the Harderian gland.

Porphyrin is thought to help protect the eye from light. It can mix in with their tears and give the appearance of bleeding.

17. Albino rats can experience “dazzling.”

Because they lack protective dark pigment in their eyes, these rats are sensitive to bright light.

“Dazzling” occurs when too much bright light floods their eyes and impairs their vision.

Humans who experience light sensitivity with migraine headaches also suffer from dazzling.

18. Wood chips and shavings can cause breathing difficulties in albino and other types of rats

Fine sawdust can be especially harmful to your rat’s lungs.

Be sure to line your pet rat’s cage with either hay, shredded paper, or a good quality commercial bedding material.

19. The albino rat is one of the most common laboratory animals

Why are they used in research? In the 1800s, hooded rats were commonly used in scientific research.

The albino lab rat originated as a genetic mutation of the hooded lab rat. All albino lab rat strains share the same mutation.

The offspring of the original albinos were tame and gentle and became the preferred rat type for lab research. One reason why white rats are used in research is how accessible they are. They breed rather quickly and cost almost nothing to be used.

Another reason why they are the perfect research specimen is their similarity to humans. As mammals, these small creatures have shown genetic, biological and behavioral similarities with humans.

Therefore, they can be used in research for cancer, human psychology, hormonal issues, and even obesity.

30 Awesome Albino Rat Facts

20. There are specific types of albino rats bred for laboratory research

Beginning in the early 1900s, different strains of these animals were bred for scientific research.

Wistar are among the most popular, first bred at the Wistar Institute in Pennsylvania in 1906.

Other well-known lab rat strains are called Sprague Dawley, Long Evans, and Lewis.

21. Beatrix Potter had a pet albino rat named Sammy

Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter had an albino rat named Mr. Samuel Whiskers, or Sammy.

She dedicated her story, The Tale of Samuel Whiskers to her childhood pet rat.

22. Albino and other rats make a noise called “bruxing”

How can you tell if your rat is happy?

A contented rat will chatter or grind its teeth together, called “bruxing.”

This helps sharpen the teeth and is also a sign of relaxation (but some rats will brux when stressed).

23. The albino mutation hides a rat’s true color

The albinism mutation hides the true color of an affected rat — without the mutation, your pale pet would be brown, black, or any other color.

If an albino is bred with a normal rat, its babies can inherit that hidden color.

24. The albino rat lifespan is the same as other fancy rats

How long do they live?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered how long a white rat’s lifespan is. A healthy albino rat can live as long as any other fancy rat, generally between 2 and 3 years, although they can live as long as 4 or 5 years in rare cases.

But, some can come from less healthy feeder or lab ratlines, so be sure to purchase your pet from a reputable breeder.

25. Albinos (and other varieties of rats) spend more time grooming than most other animals, even cats

Rats spend one-third of their waking hours grooming their fur, face, ears, and tails.

Most rats do not have an unpleasant smell and don’t need to be bathed by us. However, many rats do like to swim!

26. Albino rats can be hairless

Is there such a thing as an albino hairless rat? Yes, many hairless rats were created by scientists from albino laboratory rats.

Hairlessness (and other traits found in these rats) is a desired characteristic for certain research purposes. Pet fancy rats can also be hairless albinos.

27. Dumbo rats can have the albino mutation

An albino dumbo rat is a fancy rat of the dumbo variety (big, wide-set ears) that happens to have the albino mutation.

Dumbo and albino are both recessive genetic traits, which means that they only appear in an animal when two copies of the genes are present.

28. Fancy rats, including albinos, are “neophobic”

Neophobia is a fear of new things. In rats, this especially applies to food.

Experts say that rats are cautious around unfamiliar foods because they cannot vomit. A rat will try a small bit of new food and wait a few hours to make sure it’s safe before eating more of it.

29. An albino rat named Hector was the first rat in space

The French sent an albino rat named Hector into space in 1961. He flew in a space capsule to a height of over 90 miles and was successfully recovered after his flight.

30. Albino lab rats are characters in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

The classic children’s book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH tells the story of intelligent lab rats that have escaped from the National Institute of Mental Health, and help save a family of field mice.

31. Albino lab rats are super social, empathetic, and compassionate

Rats are also compassionate! A study by the University of Chicago proved that rats manifest helping behavior. When one rat was trapped in a cage, another rat present tried to free it.

Rats are also notoriously community-minded. They tend to stick together. So your rat would be grateful to have another rat in the family.

32. Albino rats are revered In a part of India

Ending on a high note, the Karni Mata temple in India reveres white rats. While the temple is home to over 25,000 black rats, just a few white rats are there.

The people believe these few white rats to be manifestations of the goddess, Karni Mata herself and her four sons. Legend has it that seeing the white rats is a special blessing.

Anyone who kills one of these rats must bring a silver or gold rat as a replacement.

Albino Rat Facts

So there you have it — thirty things you never knew about white rats!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting better acquainted with the white albino rat. Especially if you’re getting one as a pet.

If you already have albino rats at home, do tell us what you think makes them unique in the comments section below.



  1. The way my rat came into my life is an odd one,we just got done burying my daughters hamster. Well the next day a friend comes to my house,when I greet him at the door,he asks me “you Dont have mice issues here do you?”No?,I have 4 cats a mouse couldn’t stand a chance here”,I reply, “then what’s that ?” He says I look in my driveway to see this tiny litlle white rodent eating a fry I threw to the birds,he’s just a little guy right now,I think he might have actually been snake food that the neighbors list track of,he didn’t try to get away from me or even bite like a wild rat would,his name is ratitewy, aka senior mousey ( that’s Mexican dialect, not sure the correct spelling)or circus de muse,as my daughter calls him. He likes toast ,and running on his wheel

    • Have you got him a buddy by any chance? Rats do badly on their own, they get sick and depressed, they must have company of their own kind.

  2. We had a pet albino rat Remy. He was so adorable, affectionate and cute. He was 700gm healthy and active companion of us. My daughter adopted him when he was one yr old. Lived with us only 6 months. He passed away this month due to pitutory tumour. We all missed him a lot. RIP Remy

  3. Don’t line your rats cage with hay. Rats can’t digest hay like mice or hamsters can and it cause a blockage leading them to death. Rats probably won’t eat their bedding but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


  5. Is it possible that my new albino rat is totally blind? He can not see my hand or fingers near.. What to do to make sure about it? Thank you so much.

  6. I had an albino rat once. I still have 2 now. The first one passed away. His name was Nic. He was very nice and snuggly. He was so desperate for snuggles, that he escaped from his cage, climbed on my sister’s bed, and snuggled up beside her for the night. He was very sleepy, which explains him sleeping at night (despite being nocturnal). Rats live up to like 3 years with an average of 2. Nic was not even a Fancy Rat. He was supposed to be snake food, but his owner’s snake would not eat him, so they gave him to us. I now have two more albino Fancy Rats, and they are both very friendly. Their names are Skippy and Dodger and they are brothers. Rats are the best pets and aren’t stinky that often. They do not bite very often and are a lot more friendly than hampsters. I would recommend them.

  7. I had one come into my yard yesterday,I’ve got him in a cage now hoping someone will take him I can’t keep him,I’m gets all kinds of Info saying he’s wild and couldn’t be sick and dangerous but he’s actually very friendly and quite cute

  8. We have two white mice living under our deck. They were rejected snake food. We now love and feed them dog food and fruit.
    They must be female because there are no babies thank God.
    They are very interesting and very friendly and expect their food in a certain place along with their water. They grab it and run with it, make many many tunnels and hills and have a very large area to protect them. Its kind of dark for their eyes, I think that’s a great thing for albinos.

  9. We acquired an albino rat recently, and he is just so much fun! He does the swaying thing (which is so cute), but we always wondered what he was doing. Now we know, thanks for the great info – we definitely learned a lot!

  10. i have an albino rat named butterscotch and he is soo sweet do you know any way to tell if he is fully blind?
    i think he might be but im not sure.

  11. I have an Albino rat that my husband found end of January in the snow in front yard. She was a tiny thing, so I call her Tiny. I thought she was a mouse. Then she started to grow. Then I was told she is a rat. She is now over 12 ozs. and her tail is over 8 inch’s long. She is so bonded to me and rides my shoulders everywhere. She has never bitten anyone and doesn’t pee or poo on me. I never thought I would have a pet rat, but I love her. I have dogs and cats. The funny thing is the cats are afraid of her and run away from her.

  12. My family adopted two fancy rats on April 1St of this year ( Daisy May and Lou Lou) not knowing anything about them. It’s now July 4th and we just added two new babies one being an albino ( Rosey and Willow) They have become such a big part of our lives. Believe me when I say that. They are never in the cage except to sleep at night. They do everything with us. It’s like having four new kids all with there own individual personality. I am now a rat expert and will never go without one in my life.they are absolutely the best pets ever and would recommend anyone adding them as a new addition. Promise you will not be disappointed!

  13. I had a lot of misconceptions about rats until my daughter begged for some and we considered it and eventualmy bought two brothers(Remy and Coco). They are the most affectionate, gentle creatures. Very smart on top of that, so many good qualities to enjoy. Thanks for changing my perception of rats Remy and Coco… you guys are awesome and wonderful pets. I’ll miss you when you’re gone my boys!


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