Best Hamster Ball For Syrian, Dwarf and Robo Hamsters

best hamster ball

Welcome to our complete guide to the best hamster ball for your furry little friend. Looking at the right options for various breeds, with reviews and tips for keeping your pet safe inside her hamster ball.

The fun hamster exercise ball is a really fun way of keeping your little pet busy.

Your hamster play ball also gives you the motivation to pick her up every day. This interaction will help to keep your little friend tame, as well as super fit!

Exercise is very important for hamsters. It even helps to prevent cartilage degeneration! Keeping your hammie’s bones stronger for longer!

An exercise ball for hamsters is a novelty item for a lot of people too. You can even get human sized versions to run around in yourself!

A great way to amuse anyone, no matter their size!

Hamster ball size

We’re going to check out several of the best hamster ball options in this article, so you’ll want to know which one is right for your particular breed of hamster.

best hamster ball

The most popular hamster is the Syrian, or teddy bear, hamster.

These little darlings are the largest of the hamster breeds and therefore require a big hamster ball.

A plastic hamster ball that’s too small could be uncomfortable and potentially even injure her.

Go for one that is at least 8 inches.

Dwarf hamster ball size is based upon their tiny stature, but also their strength.

They might not be able to physically move a mega 14 inch hamster ball, even if they wanted to!

Our recommended hamster ball size for a Russian dwarf hamster is 7 inches.

Some tiny breeds of hamsters such as Roborovski or Chinese hamsters might be comfortable in a smaller mini hamster ball, but you don’t want to risk them feeling stressed or hurting themselves due to lack of space.

If in doubt, it’s best to have a chat with your veterinarian before you decide.

Hamster ball price

Before we begin, there is the important issue of hamster ball price.

best hamster ball

How much are hamster balls? Can you find truly cheap hamster balls?

Well the good news is that although the cost ranges quite a bit, it’s in the lower end of the spectrum.

Considerably less than you spent on their cage, though possibly a similar amount to the hamster cost you herself!

So, how much does a hamster ball cost?

For a good quality ball you’ll be looking at anywhere between $5 to $20 dollars. And the high end of that will buy you something pretty fancy.

Let’s take a look at some great hamster ball options, all of which are available to order online.

Large hamster ball

A Syrian hamster ball needs to be large enough for them to comfortably run. This means without having to arch their back overly when they move around the ball.

Lees Critter Crawler is a 10 inch hamster ball.(paid link)best hamster ball for Syrian hamsters(paid link)

This hamster ball – large in size and brightly colored – is a fun choice.

Please note that although it’s labelled on Amazon for use for guinea pigs too, that guinea pigs must never be allowed to go in hamster balls as it’s bad for their spines.

We also like Lees Critter Crawler 10 inch clear hamster ball.(paid link)

It’s even easier for your pet to see out and you to look in.

best hamster ball for a Syrian(paid link)

Looking for a giant hamster ball? Then look no further than the Kaytee 11.5 inch hamster ball.(paid link)

(paid link)

This clear hamster ball gives your little pet loads of space to stretch her legs and explore.

Small hamster ball

A Dwarf hamster ball needs to be smaller than the Syrian version, so that your tiny friend is strong enough to move it around. It also again should make it less likely that their toes will stumble on the gaps.

Kaytee Run-About 7″ Hamster Exercise Ball, Moon Glow is great fun.(paid link)

best hamster ball for dwarf hamster(paid link)
It is 7 inches in diameter and gives your dwarf hamster the space he needs to stretch his legs.

The Kaytee 7 inch Dazzle is another fun choice.(paid link)

best dwarf hamster ball(paid link)

It comes in a range of color options and is perfect for a lively small breed hamster.

Mini hamster ball

A mini hamster ball is one that has a diameter of just five inches. These are not suitable for Syrian hamsters and we wouldn’t advise using them for Russian Dwarf Hamsters either.

However, they could suit a Roborovski or Chinese hamster well.

mini hamster ball(paid link)

The Kaytee Mini Run-About Exercise Ball is a fun choice(paid link), with it’s moon glow finish.

It also comes in a blue or clear hamster ball option.

Hamster ball with stand

Do you like the idea of an exercise ball but worry about giving your tiny friend free rein around your home?

Then a hamster ball with stand (paid link)could be the ideal solution.

ball with stand(paid link)

You’ll still need to supervise your hamster while she plays, but you can prevent her from getting herself into mischief around the room.

Cool hamster balls

Hamster balls all fulfil the same purpose, and are therefore pretty similar in general. Although you can get different colors, they tend to be very much of a type.

But there are a few fun alternatives.

Firstly, there is the Critter Cruiser.(paid link) It’s essentially a hamster wheel inside a toy car!

cool hamster ball(paid link)

This fun pink hamster ball is 9 inches high and a great novelty way of finding a cool hamster ball.

Another unique hamster ball choice is this amazing Super Pet Hamster Helicopter!(paid link)

cool hamster ball(paid link)

This cool hamster ball is inserted into a helicopter style shell, to give a fun flying style experience.

It’s small, so only use for Robo or Chinese dwarf hamsters to make sure they’re comfortable.

Pink hamster balls

Another way to have a different ball is to choose a pink hamster ball.

Lees Kritter Crawler is a cute 7 inch pink hamster ball.(paid link)

pink hamster ball(paid link)

It’s made of pink colored shatter resistant plastic.

Great fun for hammies and their owners!

The 7 inch Kaytee LED Lighted Hamster Ball (paid link)is another awesome choice.

cool hamster ball(paid link)

Not only is it pink, it also lights up!

Hamster ball caution

Before you put your hamster in a ball, make sure that you are aware that they do have their potential downsides.

These include the potential for injury and stress.

To keep your hamster safer check out the following tips

  • Your hamster ball must be the right size for your hamster. Don’t ever put a hamster in a ball that is smaller than recommended for their breed.
  • Always supervise your hamster in their ball.
  • Never let your hamster rolling ball near the stairs
  • Keep your hamster in ball away from other pets. Even though they are technically safe this will still stress them out.
  • Watch your hamsters behaviour – if she’s running faster and faster, or crashing into things, she’s probably trying to hide. This means the ball is stressing her out, so put her back in her cage.
  • Never let her play in a ball for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Best hamster ball

The best hamster ball is one with lots of space for your hamster to run in. With a sturdy construction, and plenty of air holes that provide adequate ventilation but not holes that their feet could become caught in.

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