DIY Ferret Toys – Fabulously Free Ways To Entertain Your Ferret

Are you looking for ideas for DIY ferret toys?

Have you thought about making DIY ferret toys? After all, ferrets love their toys. To keep a ferret entertained you’re going to need lots of them. DIY ferret toys are a great solution.

Of course, it’s cheaper to make ferret toys. It’s also just a lot of fun to craft that perfect toy to cater to your ferret’s insatiable appetite for entertainment.

In this guide, we’ll describe how to go about making DIY ferret toys. We’ll also give you advice on how to keep your ferret buddy safe. We’ll include some fun examples which will appeal to the full spectrum of his ferrety instincts.

The benefits of making your own ferret toys

Part of the challenge of maintaining a good line-up of toys comes from a ferret’s nature. They may love their toys, but it’s tough love!

Those toys are going to wear out fast when faced with a ferret’s barrage of nibbling, gnawing, dragging, and hiding.

Another challenge is that ferrets crave novelty. What may have been their favorite toy last week may well suddenly be ignored in favor of your car keys if you’re not careful!

DIY ferret toys give you much more adaptability than store bought toys. If something breaks, you can repair it.

If they tire of one kind of play, with a little bit of creativity you can repurpose an existing toy to provide fresh challenges.

Safety is the first and foremost priority in making DIY ferret toys. Here are a few important points to ensure that your ferret doesn’t harm himself.

Some DIY ferret toys may require supervision

Ferrets are naturally rambunctious, intelligent and mischievous. Most ferret owners would probably say that those descriptions are understatements!

Ferrets also have a tendency to play with toys in unpredictable ways.

If a toy poses any risk of strangulation, choking, or of the ferret simply becoming stuck, then it should only be used under close supervision.

It’s a good idea to have a separate, out-of-reach toy box where you keep all those special toys.

Pay attention to what the toy is made of

One of the fun things about DIY ferret toys is that you get to be creative. However, it is important to avoid certain materials.

Ferrets like to chew and gnaw. Any items containing brass, cadmium, lead or zinc can be deadly to ferrets if ingested.

Similarly, toys made from anything pliable, like soft plastic, rubber or latex can easily become a choking hazard.

Materials such as these are commonly used to make chew toys for dogs.

Toys for ferrets need to be durable, non-toxic, and free of choking hazards.

Don’t give them anything you don’t want to lose

It’s fair to say that ferret play is rather unique.

Ferrets love to hide things. The cardinal rule of DIY toys for ferrets is never give your ferret a toy that you mind losing.

You might think it’s cute that your ferret is playing with the TV remote.

But remember that if you look away for one moment the TV remote may disappear, only to be found years later under the washing machine!

Can you make DIY ferret toys at home?

Quite simply, yes!

Homemade DIY ferret toy ideas

The key to DIY ferret toys is that they don’t need to be fancy or elaborate. They simply need to appeal to one or more of your ferret’s instincts.

Here are some ideas broken down by behavior.

Tunneling and burrowing

An obvious and easy option is PVC piping. This cheap, sturdy material is freely available from hardware stores with a variety of junctions and joiners.

If you’re feeling creative, a maze of ferret tunnels homemade by you will delight your furry buddy.

You can even mix it up and change the layout when your tunnel-frenzied pal needs a new challenge.

Many ferret owners make a tunnel maze a permanent fixture of a DIY ferret playpen, as it keeps them safely occupied on their own for hours.

For extra bonus points, conceal a few delicious ferret treats in the maze.

Digging and rooting

Another homemade ferret toy option is to fill a box with non-toxic digging material. Dried grains or even plant matter are good options.

They’ll love to scrabble about, especially if you hide their favorite plaything inside.

Be careful what materials you use, as ferrets love chewing.

Small plastic or styrofoam pellets are not a good choice as they may be choking hazards.

Ferrets tend to be obsessed with crinkly, crunchy noises. For bonus ferret delight, try burying stiff paper in their “diggin’ box.”

The sound it makes is like ferret catnip!

Chewing and biting

No DIY ferret toy list would be complete without some options to appeal to a ferret’s passion for getting up close and personal with toys with a human scent.

The gold standard in ferret chewing toys are shoes, and most ferret owners know all too well the importance of keeping good shoes well out of reach.

If you have some old gym shoes you no longer need, you’re sitting on a goldmine.

Just make sure you remove the laces as these may pose a strangulation hazard.

It’s also important to note that if you find your ferret’s natural nippiness is directed at you, training may be needed to channel its biting instincts.

Grappling and tugging

Ferrets adore grabbing onto things and pulling. While lengths of rope are great tugging toys, with a bit of creativity you can do even better.

Grab an old gym sock or the sleeve of an old shirt tied closed on one end.

Then stuff it with a few lumpy objects your ferret can really sink its teeth into.

Good options include old tennis balls, tightly balled cloth or even ping pong balls.

This may look a little basic, but to your ferret it’ll be the ideal victim for an all-out tugging attack.

While tugging toys are fun and easy to make, it’s important to remember that they will receive a battering and may fall apart rather quickly.

If there’s anything small your ferret can swallow, close supervision is important.

DIY ferret toys for happy pets!

Play is a vital part of a happy ferret’s life.

Fortunately, with a little bit of creativity and some behavioral knowhow, you can keep your ferret happily entertained for hours with an ever-expanding collection of homemade ferret toys.

Let’s face it, it’ll probably keep you entertained too.


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