Best Guinea Pig Supplies – Everything Your Little Pets Need

best guinea pig supplies

As a new guinea pig owner, you want to make sure you have all the best guinea pig supplies for your new pets!

Guinea pigs may be small in size, but they can have big and buoyant personalities, as this adorable video demonstrates!

If you have landed here because you are on the hunt for the best guinea pig supplies for your new furry friend, we have all the information to get you set up for success!

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Guinea pig care supplies

Guinea pigs are becoming more popular pets today. They belong to a class of pets that veterinarians often term “pocket pets” because of their small size.

Despite their small size, however, the list of supplies needed for a guinea pig is just as long as the list of supplies you would need for any other type of pet!

Guinea pigs also have their own set of exacting care requirements. First and foremost, to stay healthy and happy in captivity, a pet guinea pig really needs the companionship of another guinea pig.

In the wild, cavies live in family groups. So being alone without another cavy for company can really stress your guinea pig out.

If at all possible, before you make the commitment to care for a new pet guinea pig, make sure you can accommodate at least two piggies – preferably two females, unless your future plans include lots of baby guinea pigs!

Choosing the best guinea pig supplies

Choosing the best guinea pig pet supplies can be time-consuming if you are not sure what you will need. This list will help you find the right supplies fast!

Always buy the smallest available size for perishable supplies like bedding, food and treats until you see if your piggies like them.

Then, if all seems well, you can order a larger quantity later.

Guinea pig supplies list

Here is a basic guinea pig supplies resource list. If you are searching for a certain specific type of guinea pig supplies, just click to go right to the supplies you need help with!

Habitat supplies for a guinea pig

The first and most important of the guinea pig supplies you will need is your cavies’ new habitat – their home with you!

In this article, we will assume you are keeping at least two guinea pigs together in one enclosure.

Veterinarians recommend that you provide at least 9 square feet of floor space for two cavies living together. For one cavy living alone, 7 square feet is thought to be sufficient.

To ensure adequate ventilation, the enclosure should be 12 to 18 inches high. You want a cage with a smooth bottom to protect your piggies’ sensitive feet.

Wire bars are best for the sides and top (guinea pigs can and will chew through plastic or wood).

For one guinea pig, the Living World Deluxe Habitat, X-large size*, offers 7.18 square feet of floor space.

It comes with a water bottle, a tip-proof food bowl and a hay guard.

For two guinea pigs, the Ferplast Rabbit Cage* offers 10 square feet of floor space.

It comes with a hay feeder, a water bottle, a food bowl and a hiding area.

For more than two guinea pigs, the Midwest Homes for Guinea Pigs, Plus Version*, offers 8 square feet of floor space.

When connected to a second unit (which this habitat is designed for), it offers 16 square feet of floor space.

It comes with an easy-clean PVC canvas bottom and a lock-in-place ramp system. Plus, it features a divider to section off the habitat while you clean it.

For more wonderful guinea pig habitat guidance, please visit this in-depth article.

best guinea pig supplies

Guinea pig cage supplies

Once you have selected your piggies’ new habitat, your next step will be choosing guinea pig cage supplies for bedding!

There are four basic types of safe guinea pig bedding: fleece, paper, cloth and wood (aspen is safest).

Fleece bedding is typically washable and reusable. You can use it alone or with another type of bedding as works best.

The same holds true for cloth bedding – cotton is ideal, and you can just use any cotton sheets or towels in layers for absorbency.

This GuineaDad fleece liner* will cover the floor of your guinea pigs’ habitat.

This liner offers a burrowing pocket, which is very important for guinea pigs, who are prey animals in the wild and have a strong instinct to burrow and hide.

If you want to use paper bedding, Carefresh Natural Paper Bedding* is odor-absorbent and dust-free for easy cleanup.

Living World Aspen Wood Shavings* is a great choice for wood bedding for your guinea pigs.

For even more ideas for great guinea pig bedding supplies, we invite you to visit this informative article.

Guinea pig supplies and food

In the wild, cavies eat mostly plant matter. Hay, grasses, flowers, wild weeds or herbs are all fair game for the daily menu.

Your pet guinea pigs will rely on you to provide a complete and balanced diet that includes all vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Veterinarians and breeders typically agree that the best way to accomplish this goal is to offer a pelleted food daily along with plenty of edible, high quality hay and small servings of fresh produce.

Vitakraft Vita Smart Adult Guinea Pig Food is a complete and balanced food* for guinea pigs of all ages.

Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay Plus Variety Pack for Rabbits & Small Animals* offers a great hay supplement that is packed with flowers, herbs and greens.

Steer clear of sugary commercial treat foods and nuts, which typically have little to offer nutritionally and can quickly pack on the pounds.

Instead, consider offering small amounts of vegetables and fruits from this list a few times per week for treats.

For more expert guinea pig dietary information, please visit this useful article.

Guinea pig toys and supplies for chewing

No list of guinea pig supplies would be complete without guinea pig toys and supplies for chewing and gnawing!

One fascinating fact about cavies is that their front teeth, the incisors, continue to grow throughout their life. The only way your guinea pig can keep her teeth safely filed down is by chewing and chewing and chewing!

Because your guinea pig will chew on anything you put inside the enclosure, you don’t have to worry about investing in any fancy or pricey toys.

But you do need to make sure that any toys you offer are chewing-safe and non-toxic!

This fun Living World Hay Feeding Station* is a unique way to offer tasty chewable hay hidden in an enriching toy.

Sharllen Apple Sticks* are awesome for chewing. These sticks are organic and sweet.

Ware Manufacturing’s Willow Ball* is another safe wood choice to keep your piggies happily occupied with chewing.

The Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy* is made of all-natural sisal grass.

It may not last long, but your cavies will have a great time hiding in it while chewing through it!

For a more challenging chewable wood hide, try the Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way Large Guinea Pig House*.

For more ideas about great guinea pig toys and supplies for chewing, we invite you to head over to this helpful article.

Guinea pig grooming supplies

Your list of guinea pig supplies for grooming will depend on what breeds of guinea pigs you are keeping.

Short-haired guinea pigs may never need assistance with grooming. Long-haired guinea pigs might have the occasional tangle or mat you need to work out.

If you want to show your guinea pig, of course you may wish to do a little more grooming before the big day!

This Ware Manufacturing Small Animal Grooming Kit* includes the basic tools you will need to groom your guinea pig.

An alternative is the Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture 3-Piece Home Grooming Kit* that includes a fast-dry microfiber towel.

If you need or want to give your piggies a bath, hop on over to this helpful article with step-by-step bathing instructions!

Guinea pig cage cleaning supplies

Last but not least on your list of guinea pig supplies, you will need some cavy-safe cleaning supplies to keep your pets’ new habitat sparkling!

Travel EZ Dustpan and Brush* set makes it easy to sweep up any loose hay, bedding or chewed-up toys on cage cleaning day.

Nature’s Miracle Cage Cleaner for Small Animals* offers a safe, non-toxic spray you can use to remove even dried-on debris easily.

Guinea pig supplies

We hope reading through this detailed article about the best guinea pig supplies has given you all the information you need to prepare for life with your new pet cavies!

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  1. Guinea pigs actually need a cup of fresh veggies every day, give or take, to ensure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need. You also shouldn’t feed pellets with a bunch of stuff added to it, since they can become picky eaters and only eat the unhealthy and tasty bit. They also shouldn’t have seeds.


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