Best Guinea Pig Water Bottle – Stop The Leaks And Beat The Frost

best guinea pig water bottle

How do you choose the best guinea pig water bottle for your little bundles of fun?

That’s a very important consideration for guinea pig owners, especially when the weather is hot and your piggies are thirsty.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best guinea pig water bottles that are currently on the market, and recommend the best ones for your pets.

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What is a guinea pig water bottle?

A guinea pig water bottle is a small tank with an angled steel drinking spout at the bottom.

The spout contains a ball bearing to stop the water just dribbling out on the floor of the hutch.

Your piggies have hard working teeth, but they will have a difficult time damaging this stainless steel drinking spout!

The guinea pig water bottle simply attaches to the bars of your pets’ cage.

Guinea pig water bottles usually come with a wire clip for easy attachment. Or, they can be used with an adjustable wire bottle cage or guinea pig water bottle stand.

If you place the bottle on the outside of the cage, the spout sticks through the cage bars. This allows your piggies to get a drink whenever they want one.

If you prefer, you can put the bottle inside the cage. This can be an option if the bars are too closely spaced to allow the bottle’s drinking nozzle to fit through comfortably.

Why is a guinea pig water bottle so important?

It’s essential that your guinea pigs have access to clean, fresh water 24/7.

If you’re out at work all day, providing your piggies with a large guinea pig water bottle means you won’t need to worry that they might be thirsty while you’re not there.

A water bowl is not suitable for guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are lively, active little creatures and a water bowl on the floor of their cage can all too easily become soiled with bedding and feces or tipped over.

That means if you’re out all day, your guinea pigs might have trouble finding anything to drink!

A guinea pig water bottle is designed to be attached to the cage and up off the floor.

This means that it will stay clean and hygienic and won’t get in the way of your piggies’ hijinks!

Water bottle for guinea pig cage – guinea pig health

In 2016, a team of guinea pig researcher in Switzerland even found that using a water bottle rather than a bowl is better for your pets’ health.

They found that guinea pigs prefer to drink from bottles, and drink more water per day from a bottle than a bowl.

This is likely because the action of using a bottle is closer to chewing. And guinea pigs LOVE chewing.

The researchers even speculated that the action of drinking from a water bottle could provide a form of environmental enrichment that benefits their mental health.

Furthermore, because they drink more from a bottle, the extra fluid intake will help to protect them from urine stones.

Using a water bottle to monitor how much your guinea pig drinks

A no-drip water bottle for your guinea pigs will also allow you to monitor exactly how much water your guinea pigs drink every day.

If your guinea pigs are not drinking very much or are drinking much more than usual, a health issue could be to blame.

Monitoring your guinea pig water bottle can provide early warning signs of possible health problems.

Then, you can get your pets checked out by a vet before they become sick!

At what height should you place your guinea pig water bottle?

When you fit your guinea pig water bottle to your pets’ cage, you must make sure that you fix it at the correct height.

If you put the bottle too high, your piggies will struggle to reach the drinking spout.

If you put the guinea pig water bottle too low, they will need to perform a limbo dance to get a drink!

The perfect height for your guinea pig water bottle is just above head height.

When your guinea pigs look up, they should find that the end of the drinking spout is on a comfortable level with their mouth.

If you have baby guinea pigs, you’ll need to supply your pets with two bottles at different heights – one for the adults and one for the babies!

Positioning the guinea pig water bottle in the cage

The location of your guinea pig water bottle within your pets’ cage is very important.

Hang your guinea pig water bottles well away from where your guinea pigs sleep.

This prevents leaks from seeping into their bedding material.

The guinea pig water bottle should be near to your piggies’ food, but not so close that it could drip onto the food and make it soggy and inedible.

Where possible, keep the guinea pig water bottle out of direct sunlight.

Sunlight will cause algae to grow inside the water bottle, coating the inner surfaces with green slime!

Warm water is not pleasant for your guinea pigs to drink.

Also, keep your guinea pig’s water bottle away from sources of drafts and cold, like windows, that might create frost!

You can choose to put your guinea pig water bottle inside the cage or outside.

Either option is fine, but just bear in mind that guinea pigs love to chew things, including their water bottle!

Topping up and refilling your guinea pig water bottle

If possible, you should check the water level of the guinea pig water bottle at least once during the day, especially if the weather is very hot.

Top up your pets’ guinea pig water bottle when necessary.

And in hot weather, your pets will appreciate it if you refill their water bottle with cool, fresh water, even if it’s not empty.

Many guinea pig water bottles have water level measuring lines embossed onto them.

That’s a very useful feature, as it allows you to monitor exactly how much water your piggies drink each day.

Cleaning your guinea pig water bottle

Your guinea pig water bottle should be cleaned out every day.

Use a bottle brush* to thoroughly clean the inside of the guinea pig water bottle.

It’s a good idea to use an animal-friendly sterilizing kit* once a month too to prevent a buildup of algae.

The bottle’s spout has a ball bearing inside it, which is what makes the guinea pig water bottle leak proof.

Gravity causes the ball bearing to block the water from coming out of the spout. When your guinea pig drinks, it moves the ball bearing with its tongue to access the water.

If the ball bearing becomes jammed, the bottle will not only leak, it will make it very difficult to your guinea pigs to access their water.

You must remember to clean the spout of the guinea pig water bottle thoroughly to get rid of any blockages that would prevent the ball bearings from moving freely.

You don’t want to stop your pets from accessing their water!

Types of guinea pig water bottle

You will typically find guinea pig water bottles made from plastic or glass.

If you’re planning on putting your guinea pig water bottle inside the cage, look for a sturdy plastic bottle or one that’s made from glass so that your piggies can’t damage it.

As guinea pigs are curious and active creatures, it’s best to choose a guinea pig water bottle that is cylindrical in shape.

Avoid water containers with sharp corners, which could injure your pets as they scurry around their cage in the dark.

Cylindrical bottles are also easier to clean than square ones.

So what’s the best guinea pig water bottle for your pet?

Now, let’s look at some of the best guinea pig water bottles on the market!

best guinea pig water bottle

Best non drip guinea pig water bottle

Here are some of the best non drip guinea pig water bottles that are currently available on

Just click on the links to see full details on each product. When you’ve found your favorite, go ahead and place your order!

The Choco Nose Water Bottle* is one of Amazon’s best sellers and is a really popular guinea pig water bottle.

The special, patented design ensures  you won’t experience a guinea pig water bottle leaking into bedding or onto other surfaces The bottle comes in three different colors so you can perfectly color-coordinate your pets’ water bottle with their cage décor!

This guinea pig water bottle is made from BPA-free materials, so you know it’s perfectly safe for your pets to use.

The Kordon OASIS Crystal Clear Water Bottle* is a neat and tidy guinea pig water bottle with a generous 16-ounce capacity.

The nozzle is fitted with a stainless steel drinking tube and double-ball vacuum valve so it won’t leak.

The bottle comes with a stainless steel hanging hook for easy fitting to your pets’ cage.

The SunGrow Pretty Purple Pet Water Dispenser Bottle* is another very popular guinea pig water bottle.

The bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and is sturdy and chew-proof. The clever valve mechanism is designed to be leak-proof but also allows your pets to drink freely and easily.

The SunGrow guinea pig water bottle fixes to your pets’ cage via a user-friendly, screw-on bracket. Simply snap the water bottle off the bracket for refilling and cleaning.

We really like the Little Giant Farm & Ag Miller Manufacturing OPB32 32-Ounce Plastic Opaque Water Bottle*!

This is an extra-large guinea pig water bottle, so it would be perfect for a multi-pet cage set-up.

The clear plastic bottle makes it easy for you to see how much water is left and whether algae is starting to grow on the bottle’s inner surfaces.

The stainless steel drinking nozzle is fitted with a leak-proof valve so your pets’ bedding won’t get wet.

Glass guinea pig water bottles

If you’re planning on placing your guinea pig water bottle inside your piggies’ cage, you might want to consider using a glass guinea pig water bottle.

Glass bottles are less likely to be damaged by gnawing piggies, potentially saving your pet from harm. It also means you won’t need to be continually replacing damaged bottles!

The Living World Eco + Water Bottle* guinea pig water bottle has a double ball bearing, and a drip-resistant tube that also has a handy water level indicator.

The bottle is made of safe and durable recyclable glass.

The bottle is easy to clean and refill and comes with a secure and easy to install spring attachment and hanger.

This bottle comes in three different sizes so you can choose the most appropriate for your pets’ needs.

The Lixit Pet Glass Water Bottle* is a very high-quality product that is made to last.

The heavy-duty glass water bottle has thick walls for safety and is also dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleaning.

A 32-ounce capacity makes this bottle perfect for a multi-pig cage.

The drinking nozzle is made of stainless and is fitted with dual balls to prevent leaks and allow your guinea pigs to drink easily.

The bottle offers a sturdy bracket that fits all cages.

The Kaytee Chew-Proof Water Bottle* is made from chew-resistant glass with a stainless steel drinking nozzle.

The spring attachment hanger holds the guinea pig water bottle firmly in place outside or inside your pets’ cage. The sipper tube is fitted with a double-ball to prevent leaks.

There’s a floating duck inside the 26-ounce bottle to remind you when it’s time to refill.

Best guinea pig water bottle

The best guinea pig water bottle is an essential accessory for your guinea pigs’ cage.

It’s really important that your piggies stay well-hydrated 24/7. Access to a water bottle will ensure that they always have plenty of fresh, clean water to drink.

Do you use a water bottle for your piggies? Is it a quiet guinea pig water bottle?

We’d love to know what bottle you use, especially if it’s one we’ve recommended!

Tell us about your guinea pigs and how you make sure they have plenty to drink in the comments section below!

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