Guinea Pig Sounds And Their Meanings

Guinea Pig Sounds And Their Meanings

Welcome To Our Complete Guide To Guinea Pig Sounds And Their Meanings. Looking At What Your Guinea Pig Noises Are Telling You. With Some Cute Clips Of The Squeaks And Nibbles Noisy Guinea Pig Gang.

Guinea pigs are popular pets, and it’s no wonder. Their cute looks and gentle personalities endear them to just about anyone lucky enough to cross paths with them.

But it’s not all fun and games for guinea pig parents.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand exactly what these critters want!

They aren’t like dogs who wait by the door to go out, or like cats who wake you up with low meows.

Guinea pigs are a little more subtle in their communication.

But if you learn their guinea pig sounds, you’ll be able to call yourself a guinea pig whisperer in no time.

Luckily, guinea pig noises are pretty easy to understand. This article will help you communicate with your guinea pig by understanding its noises.

Do All Guinea Pigs Make Sounds?

Before we get started with the noises themselves, it’s important to clear up a common question from guinea pig owners: do they all make sounds?

Guinea Pig Sounds And Their Meanings

According to the American Cavy Breeders Association, there are 13 recognized guinea pig breeds. But do they all communicate in the same way? Are guinea pig sounds and their meanings always present?

The short answer is yes, all guinea pigs make sounds.

In fact, guinea pigs do most of their communicating through sound. An article on Happy Cavy, a website dedicated to guinea pig care, notes that all types of guinea pigs express themselves through the same noises. Author Richard Jeng goes on, “No matter what type of guinea pig you own, these noises will apply.”

Why Do Guinea Pigs Make Noises?

Just like other animals, guinea pigs make noises to communicate both with one another and with humans.

They use a variety of unique noises to convey happiness, contentment, hunger, and even annoyance. Thousands of years after domestication, humans have figured out what many of these sounds likely mean.

While there are still some mysteries, one thing remains clear: guinea pigs are great at communication, especially with humans who take the time to listen.

What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make?

Guinea pigs make several different noises, and each has a different meaning. So what do guinea pig sounds mean?

Let’s take a proper look at guinea pig sounds and their meanings now by taking each type in turn.

While some of these sounds take a keen ear to identify, you should have no problem once you get to know your guinea pig’s sounds. With practice, you’ll have a better understanding of your guinea pig through its sounds.

Guinea Pig Wheeking

Perhaps the most common guinea pig sound, a guinea pig’s familiar squeak is also known as a wheek.

A wheek is just what it sounds like: a high-pitched squeak or whistle that may intensify when a guinea pig sees its owner.

The reason for this is quite interesting: It’s possible that only pet guinea pigs wheek.


Because it’s most likely how guinea pigs tell humans that they’re hungry. In the wild, they have to find their own food.

Guinea Pig Purring

Guinea pig purring is a common sound, though a bit more complicated than wheeking. Just like cats, guinea pigs purr could show happiness or contentment.

Guinea Pig Noises

However, in an article on The Spruce by veterinarian Lianne McLeod, McLeod warns that what sounds like a happy purr may be a sign of annoyance.

She says, “ if the purr is higher pitched, especially towards the end of the purr, this is more likely a sound of annoyance.” McLeod also notes that a short purr can be a sign of annoyance.

Of course, you’ll likely be able to assess whether your guinea pig is happy or annoyed based on the situation and its other behavior.

Squeaks and Nibbles guinea pigs often purr when they have a bit of a tiff. It’s more of a warning to back off then a happy greeting.

However, purring sounds a lot like rumbling. Which is something rather different!

Guinea Pig Rumbling

Rumbling is a less common sound, especially if you only live with one guinea pig. Similar to a purr – but a bit lower in pitch – a guinea pig rumble is the sound these critters make when preparing to mate.

If you have male guinea pigs in a separate cage to females, they will purr when they see them through the bars.

When Squeaks and Nibbles’ piggies are put on the lawn in their separate cages too close together, the boys will purr and chew at their bars to try and reach the ladies. So we try to keep them further apart most of the time to avoid it stressing out the males.

Guinea Pig Chutting

Chutting is another happy guinea pig sound. It’s described as a series of short guinea pig sounds emitted in rapid succession. This sound is often heard when a guinea pig is happy or relaxed, especially when the animal is exploring a safe new environment.

Squeaks and Nibbles’ guinea pigs make these noises a lot. Especially when they are enjoying tasty snacks on the lawn. You can see and hear them here:

Not all guinea pigs will make this noise. In fact, the chutting sound is apparently somewhat rare. Some guinea pigs never make the sound, while others do it often.

If you hear your guinea pig make this sound, don’t be alarmed. You have a special critter, and it’s happy to be in your care.

Guinea Pig Shrieking

When dogs whimper and cats yowl, it’s pretty easy to understand that they’re in pain. The same goes for a human cries.

Likewise, a guinea pig shriek means that the animal is in physical pain. The high-pitched peal will be an unmistakable sign that all is not well with your pet.

If you hear it, check to make sure your guinea pig is safe.

Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering

Teeth chattering is a common guinea pig noise, and it is also perhaps one of the most important. This noise, according to veterinarian Lianne McLeod, accompanies an “agitated or annoyed guinea pig.”

The animals often show their teeth when making this noise, described as “a rapid series of squeaks and gnashing of teeth.” If your guinea pig does this, it’s best to stay away until it calms down.

Guinea Pig Hissing and Whining

Just like teeth chattering, hissing and whining are signs to stay clear of your guinea pig for a while. Hissing is just what it sounds like, while a whining guinea pig will emit a high-pitched squeak. In either case, your guinea pig is annoyed.

Guinea Pig Chirping

According to Lianne McLeod, chirping is the least understood of all the guinea pig sounds. It’s a repetitive, high-pitched squeak that sounds just like birds chirping. McLeod notes that they often appear in a “trancelike state” while making this noise. No one is quite sure what it means, but it is an interesting noise that you may hear from your guinea pig. Rest assured that while there is not yet a translation for this sound, it’s completely normal!

Guinea Pig Sounds and Guinea Pig Noises

Guinea pigs are delightful pets that can bring entertainment to any household. The experience is made all the richer when humans take the time to get to know their guinea pig sounds and their meaning.

We hope that these descriptions will make it easier for you to communicate with your furry family member.


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