Bull Names – 170 Brilliant Ideas

bull names

Bulls have a reputation for being brutish and tough, but there are some that break the mold. These huge ranch animals can form bonds with their human friends, and occasionally even wriggle their way into the pet category like female cows. There are lots of places you can look for inspiration, and I’ve rounded up all our favorite categories of cool bull names in this article.

You might also like to get inspired by some other farm yard animals, like goats, chickens, alpaca, deer, or horses!

Bulls are non-castrated, adult male cattle. Castrated males are called steers, and young cattle are calves. Most bulls are eventually destined to become beef. But, some are kept to father the next generation of calves. And others are kept for bullfighting or bull riding.

However, bulls have important cultural significance for lots of people too. In Hinduism, the god Shiva rides on a bull called Nandi. And the Pamplona bull run in Spain is an internationally famous spectacle, in which runners try to keep ahead of a herd of bulls running a course through the town’s streets.

50 Extremely Good Bull Names

Of course, all bulls are male. Bull is the name for male cattle, and the girls are cows. Here are 50 strapping male bull names, for every bull from the most macho and self assured, to the most placid and soft-hearted:

  • Alistair
  • Angus
  • Anthony
  • Arnold
  • Beck
  • Beethoven
  • Bones
  • Boris
  • Bouffalant
  • Casanova
  • Cupid
  • Derek
  • Dexter
  • Dion
  • Dozer
  • Eddie(bull)
  • Eros
  • Everest
  • Ferdinand
  • Fintan
  • Forrest
  • Guapo
  • Hank
  • Herbie
  • Homer
  • Ignatius
  • Irving
  • Ivan
  • Jordan
  • Kevin
  • Knut
  • Mahler
  • Maquina
  • Marcus
  • Mr Darcy
  • Neil
  • Oran
  • Paris
  • Rhett
  • Rocket
  • Romeo
  • Samson
  • Seth
  • Tank
  • Taurus
  • Terry(bull)
  • Tommy
  • Valiente
  • Winkle
  • Wolfgang
bull names

Strong Bull Names

Bulls can weigh more than 2,000 pounds, and need to be handled with extreme caution. Here are some fitting bull names that reflect their awesome strength:

  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Atlas
  • Balor
  • Dante
  • Drax
  • Freyr
  • Gladiator
  • Gogmagog
  • Goliath
  • Hercules
  • Hodor
  • Hulk
  • Jupiter
  • Kratos
  • Lucifer
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Mountain
  • Odin
  • Orion
  • Rock
  • Samurai
  • Tank
  • Tartarus
  • Thanos
  • Thor
  • Titan
  • Vulcan
  • Zeus

Classic Ideas

Increasingly, people like to give animal human style names. May be you’d like to do it too?

  • Aiden
  • Alexander
  • Benjamin
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Elijah
  • Ethan
  • Henry
  • Jack
  • Jackson
  • Jacob
  • James
  • John
  • Joseph
  • Levi
  • Liam
  • Logan
  • Lucas
  • Mason
  • Mateo
  • Matthew
  • Michael
  • Noah
  • Oliver
  • Owen
  • Samuel
  • Sebastian
  • Theodore
  • William
  • Wyatt

Bull Names With Meaning

If no bull names just ‘leap out’ at you then perhaps you’ll be more inspired by one of these unusual bull names with a fitting meaning:

  • Ajakara (an Indian name meaning ‘protector of cattle’)
  • Apis (a bull from Egyptian mythology)
  • Arsabhi (an Indian name meaning ‘like a bull’)
  • Bipi kane (Hawaiian for bull)
  • Bovem (Latin for bull)
  • Byk (Polish for bull)
  • Ehi (Igbo for bull)
  • Dume (and African name meaning ‘the bull’)
  • Farley (a Celtic name meaning ‘from the bull pasture’)
  • Farlow (English equivalent of Farley)
  • Garga (an Indian name meaning ‘bull’)
  • Goraj (a name in Sanskrit and Hindi meaning ‘bull’)
  • Govrish (a Sanskrit name meaning ‘excellent bull’)
  • Hotuaekhaashtait (a Cheyenne Native American name meaning ‘tall bull’)
  • Naut (Icelandic for bull)
  • Njau (a African Kikuyu name meaning ‘young bull’)
  • Otoahhastis (a Native American name meaning ‘tall bull’)
  • Otoahnacto (a Native American name meaning ‘bull bear’)
  • Sringi (a Sanskrit name meaning ‘the bull’)
  • Stier (German for bull)
  • Tarbh (Gaelic for bull)
  • Tatanka (a Native American name meaning ‘bull buffalo’)
  • Taurean (meaning ‘bull-like’)
  • Taureau (French for bull)
  • Tavaga (a Hindi name meaning ‘strong bull’)
  • Toro (Fillipino for bull)
  • Virbovo (Esperanto for bull)

Bull Riders’ Names

Our final category of bull names is inspired by bull riders. Bull riding sports have existed all over the world since ancient times.

The best known variant in the United States today is the rodeo sport of trying to stay on a bucking bull for 8 seconds, whilst holding on with only one hand. It’s a controversial and dangerous sport, but one that is very lucrative for the top riders.

These bull riders’ names all pay tribute to the last 30 recipients of the Professional Bull Riders’ Ring of Honor:

  • Berger
  • Bernard
  • Bolin
  • Carrillo
  • Coleman
  • Custer
  • Del Vecchio
  • Dightman
  • Dunn
  • Flynn
  • Fournier
  • Gaffney
  • Hart
  • Leffew
  • Lyne
  • Marchi
  • McBride
  • Moraes
  • Nafzger
  • Porter
  • Sampson
  • Sankey
  • Semas
  • Sharp
  • Shivers
  • Snyder
  • Steiner
  • Thurman
  • Washburn
  • White


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