Mermaid Names For Pets


Mermaid names make a great choice for new family members of all species. Whether you are seeking out awesome mermaid names for a new fish, turtle, dog, cat, bird or pocket pet, or you want to identify the perfect mersona for yourself, you are going to love the themed mermaid names lists here.


There is something magical about the idea of a mermaid, and these names are a great way to celebrate their fabulous mystical reputation.

What Is a Mermaid?

There are so many names in different traditions for the beings known as mermaids. Sirens. Selkies. Finfolk. Water sprites. Water elementals. Undines. Ceasg. Ningyo. Rusalka. Mami Wata. Iara. Marakihau. Melusine. Merrow. Ben-varrey. And yet all of these beings share striking similarities.

For instance, mermaids are typically described as having a fish tail and a woman’s head, torso and arms. Similarly, mermen are typically described as having a fish tail and a man’s upper body from the waist up. And merfolk, or mer-people, is a term that describes a community of mermaids and merman.

While many stories involving mermaids and mermen go back centuries, strangely, claims of mermaid sightings continue to crop up today.

And even if merfolk themselves are figments of legend, mermaid culture, or mer-culture, is most definitely real. For example, in cosplay and gaming, a meramid is a fictitious persona inspired by merculture. So that is a brief overview of mermaids then and now – let’s start exploring mermaid names so you can find the perfect name for you!

Mermaid Names From History

Guess who is on record as having sighted the first in-the-fins mermaid? If you guessed “Christopher Columbus,” you would be right. But did Columbus see an actual mermaid? Disappointingly, the three mermaids Columbus spotted were more likely marine animals known as manatees.

Perhaps this is why history records the great explorer as writing that the mermaids were not nearly so pretty as they looked in paintings from his time. These equally intriguing historical mermaid names and mermen names from both historical fantasy and culture might be just perfect for your new family member.

  • Tiamet (Babylonian goddess)
  • Ea (Babylonian sea god)
  • Atargatis (Assyrian fertility goddess)
  • Lasirèn (Haitian spirit mermaid)
  • Yemonja (African mermaid and mother of the oceans)
  • Oshun (Nigerian mermaid and water deity)
  • Mélusine (French mermaid and fairy spirit)
  • Sedna (Inuit mermaid fish goddess)
  • Mami Wata (African “Mother Water”)
  • Ceto (“sea monster” mermaid goddess from Greek Mythology)
  • Phorcys (Ceto’s brother)
  • Loreley (siren from German folklore)
  • Iara (“Lady of the Waters” from Brazil)
  • Marakihau (New Zealand Maori sea guardian)
  • Melusine (French sea fairy – and mascot of Starbucks coffee!)
  • Merrow (Irish water maiden)
  • Li Ban (Irish mermaid)
  • Princess Lira (To Kill a Kingdom book)
  • Ceasg (freshwater mermaid in Scotland)
  • Rusalka (Slavic water nymph)
  • Finfolk (Norwegian shape-shifting sea beings)
  • Ben-varrey (Isle of Man mermaid)
  • Undine (Undine novel)
  • Thessalonike (mermaid sister to Alexander the Great)
  • Chernava (Sadko epic in Eastern Europe)

Famous Mermaid Names

Mermaids have been a fixture in pop culture, books and movies, animated shorts and games, traveling shows, variety shows and circuses. These famous mermaid names and mermen names each come accompanied by their respective pop culture references as noted in parentheses.

  • Miranda (Miranda the film with actress Glynis Johns)
  • Weeki Watchee (tourist destination with a mermaid theme)
  • Fiji mermaid (monkey head and body sewn onto a fish tail)
  • Madison (Splash the movie with actress Darryl Hannah)
  • Tamara (Pirates of the Caribbean movie series)
  • Syrena (Pirates of the Caribbean movie series)
  • Marina (Pirates of the Caribbean movie series)
  • Regina (Pirates of the Caribbean movie series)
  • Honesta (Duck Tales)
  • Aletheia (Duck Tales)
  • Vero (Duck Tales)
  • Seraphina (Tangled: the Series)
  • Cody (The Thirteenth Year)
  • Urchin (merman in The Little Mermaid)
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts video game)
  • Marina del Ray (The Little Mermaid)
  • Queen Coralee (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
  • Queen Emmaline (Sofia the First)
  • Plank (merman in Sofia the First)
  • Nerissa (Sofia the First)
  • Alex (merman in The Little Mermaid II)
  • Stevie (merman in The Little Mermaid)
  • Abdullah (One Thousand and One Nights)
  • Princess Lira (To Kill a Kingdom book)
  • Bulukiyah (The Adventures of Bulukiyah)

Fierce Mermaid Names

It is interesting to ponder why history contains so many accounts of mermaids and mermen. The earliest recorded notation of merpeople hails from clay tablets dated back to the time period of ancient Babylon.

Intriguingly, some “fish people” were said to be malicious or even deadly. Young women who had died tragically were said to transform into mermaids who wanted to drown men.

Similarly, in Homer’s famous epic poem The Odyssey, the sirens were mermaids (most recently popularized in the hit movie O Brother Where Art Thou?) who captivated men and caused their boats to capsize and sink. These fierce mermaid names evoke history, legend and fantasy that surrounds mermaids to this day.

  • Suvannamaccha (mermaid daughter of Hindu demon Ravana)
  • Nyai Blorong (mermaid form of Javanese sea goddess Nyai Roro Kidul)
  • Magindara (vicious singing Filipino mermaid)
  • Sirena (Philippine mermaids)
  • Mambubuno (two-finned mermaids of Sambal)
  • Sovanna Maccha (Cambodian mermaid)
  • Li Ban (Irish mermaid)
  • Yaobikuni (flesh-eating Japanese mermaid)
  • Ningyo no zu (Toyama Bay mermaid that took 450 rifles to kill)
  • Princess Hwang Ok (Busan mermaid)
  • Sinjike (Korean goddess of the sea)
  • Jiaoren (“shark people” of China who could weep pearls)
  • Aycayia (one attribute of the Caribbean goddess jagua)
  • Yemanja (West African water spirit)
  • La Sirene (Haitian loa water spirit)
  • Sea Devil (Persian name for mermaids)
  • Syrenka (Warsaw mermaid that protects the city)
  • Mora (murderous mermaid from the movie Night Tide)
  • Aquamarine (mermaid from the movie Aquamarine)
  • Genie (mermaid from the movie Route 66: The Cruelest Sea)
  • She Creature (menacing mermaid from Mermaid Chronicles Part I)
  • Brunhilde/Ponyo (Japanese mermaid from the movie Ponyo)
  • Ryn (mermaid from the TV series Siren)
  • Cleo (H20: Just Add Water mermaid)
  • Rikki (H20: Just Add Water mermaid)

Cartoon Mermaid Names

In love with The Little Mermaid from the one and only Disney? You might love these other Disney mermaids and cartoon mermaid names! Each mermaid name is followed by the cartoon or show so you can do more research into the characters if you like.

  • Ariel (star of The Little Mermaid series)
  • Queen Athena (The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning)
  • Melody (The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea)
  • Attina (The Little Mermaid series)
  • Alana (The Little Mermaid series)
  • Aquata (The Little Mermaid series)
  • Arista (The Little Mermaid series)
  • Andrina (The Little Mermaid series)
  • Chelan (Return to Neverland)
  • Penelope (Return to Neverland)
  • Arika (Return to Neverland)
  • Adamaris (Return to Neverland)
  • Visola (Return to Neverland)
  • Atlanteia (Return to Neverland)
  • Marina (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
  • Stormy (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
  • Finn the Mer-Boy (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
  • Aquarianne (Adventures of the Gummi Bears)
  • Mermando (Gravity Falls)
  • Silver (American Dragon: Jake Long)
  • Dolores Derceto (American Dragon: Jake Long)
  • Oona (Sofia the First: The Floating Palace)
  • Sadie (Pickle and Peanut)
  • Princess Marisa (Elena of Avalor)
  • Prince Marzel (Elena of Avalor)
mermaid names

Unique Mermaid Names

What is a mersona? A persona that incorporates mermaid culture, of course! There are no hard and fast rules for creating your own mermaid name. However, many cosplayers and gamers enjoy bringing two or more attributes together to create their new moniker.

Here are some examples drawn from classical literature about the mythological Greek sirens, arguably the most well-known and famous merfolk in all of history, as well as other historical and modern references to mermaids, mermen and water deities.

In each of these names, you can see how different and sometimes opposite traits and characteristics are brought together to create a persona, or (in this case) a mermaid.

  • Ligeia (means “clear-toned”)
  • Aglaope (means “splendid voice”)
  • Leucosia (means “white substance”)
  • Thelxinoe (means “charming the mind)
  • Peisinoe (means “affecting the mind”)
  • Thelxiope (means “charming voice”)
  • Parthenope (means “maiden voice”)
  • Thelxipea (means “charming song”)
  • Aglaophonus (means “splendid sounding”)
  • Bishop Fish (French naturalist Guillaume Rondelet’s merman “discovery”)
  • Sea Monk (also French naturalist Guillaume Rondelet’s merman “discovery”)
  • Sirenean (now-extinct relative to the manatee, a favorite mermaid lookalike)
  • Triton (Greek god merman who played the conch shell and rode waves)
  • Enki (mixture of male and female traits – another name for Ea)
  • Dagon (god of the sea and fertility)
  • Boto (seductive freshwater mermen of the Amazon)
  • Glaucus (grass-eating man who transformed into a merman)
  • Sinjiki (South Korean mermaid with fair skin and dark hair)
  • Pania of the Reef (mermaid who lived on land by day and sea by night)
  • Maremare (Pania’s son who was hairless and guarded the reef)
  • Havis Amanda (Helsinki, Finland mermaid statue symbolizing the city’s rebirth)
  • Merewif (means “sea witch”)
  • Tangaroa (means “god of the ocean”)
  • Foss Grim (means “river horse”)
  • Manx Dinny Mara (means “man of the sea”)

What Are the Best Mermaid Names?

Do you have a favorite from the lists of mermaid names you just read through? Have you created your shortlist or your mersona yet? When you pick your favorite name to use for yourself or your pet, please do stop back by and post a comment to let us know which one you chose!


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